Women’s Health: Rejuvenation in Scottsdale

//Women’s Health: Rejuvenation in Scottsdale

Here at ACBM our goal is whole body treatment and complete health. We provide our patients with first-class diagnosis, treatment, education, and service. When it comes to women’s health, it’s all about her. We recognize that every individual’s health concerns are unique and important. The make-up in her bag is custom for her skin tone, texture, and health. If her make up reflects a specific way that she wants to feel and to look, shouldn’t her healthcare treatments be chosen the same way?

Hear it from real women…

A few years ago Ann came to us from Houston, Texas exhausted and at her wit’s end about her healthcare plan. “Nine years ago, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a chronic illness. For years, I found there was a wall between physicians and holistic providers. Finally, with the ACBM, I have doctors who incorporate what works in both systems. I feel very lucky to have found the Center. This is a place where healing happens.” (Ann, Houston)

“The Place Where Healing Happens”

We took Ann’s words to heart. Every day we strive to make a wholistic healing oasis in the middle of the desert. Our treatments usually require a stay somewhere in Scottsdale in order to fully get to the root of the problem (but who is complaining about a visit to a luxurious resort in the sun?). We so strongly believe that a healthy woman is a happy woman we would bet our reputation on it. From breast cancer to osteoporosis, our biomedical experts and nurses know all of the illnesses that can slow down women’s bodies. Sure, going to your doctor will get you pain killers and surgery-solutions, but what if there is a better way? Our motto has always been “drugs do not cure you, they only alleviate symptoms”. Women’s health is too important to cut corners.

Our Process For Full-Body Women’s Health

We approach women’s health the same way we approach any patient’s health. The goal is to find the root of the problem within the body, not just throw a Band Aid over it. Our seven step process invites the patient to get to know her body and what is afflicting it through identification, truth, and patience. First we Analyze and Identify the disease or pain in order to get to the source of the problem. We often discuss her routines, family and friends, and physical history in order to design a program as personal as possible. Next, we Detoxify, Educate, and Treat. These steps actively restore women’s health both physically and mentally through relaxation and stress-reduction. Finally, after treatment has been making improvements, our team does not stop there; we Refine and Heal. As her body changes and responds to treatments, we constantly re-evaluate what could make it work even better. Nutrition, sleep, and supplements keep our patients happy and healthy long after they leave ACBM.
We appreciate any questions or comments about how we treat women’s health! Come find your healthiest self at the American Center for Biological Medicine, which, we might add, is the only treatment center of its kind in the United States. Get in touch  and find your health!

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