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What Is Biological Medicine

Biological Medicine is the science, practice, and art of healing that is a fundamental form of medicine, applicable to each human body, regardless of the illness. We don’t believe in Band Aids. Biomedicine has a simple objective: identify the source of disorders, imbalances, and weaknesses in the human regulatory system and heal the whole body.

Biological Medicine is a science

Biological Medicine is by no means a new age philosophy, but one that has been used and refined for thousands of years by some of history’s greatest medical masters. Its very foundation is based on physiology and the body’s processes down to the cellular level. However, as times have changed and technology advances, so does the healing modalities of biological medicine and the healing effects technology can have on the human body.

Biological Medicine and the healing effects

When a physician is capable of integrating many healing arts, the combination leaves the door open for the full restoration of an individual’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. These practices include but are not limited to Naturopathic medicine, Conventional Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, Orthomolecular medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, Physiotherapy, Homeopathic medicine, Herbalism, traditional detoxification protocols, dentistry, mind-body connection, philosophy, lymphatic drainage, electromagnetic stimulation, toxicology, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, reiki, touch therapy, hydrotherapy, other physical therapies, and of course technological therapies.

Your Body and the Biological Process

With the combination of these healing arts, we are able to identify disfunction in the biological processes of the body and allow the body to restore itself. In this case, the body does not need to express itself with the discomfort of “symptoms”. Whereas the common formula in modern medicine is just to look at a particular symptom and treat that symptom as an entity in and of itself. Biological medicine, through considering one’s diagnosis, its main objective is to comprehensively look into the individual’s social environment to identify the cause of a particular illness. This medicine goes beyond the germ theory as the root cause of any illness. It is about the human terrain and why the body was not able to fight off a particular pathogen or cancer cell on its own the way nature intended.

Practicing Biological Medicine

It is integral for the practitioner practicing biological medicine to have a full understanding of the above sciences and the ability to combine these modalities in order to have the most comprehensive treatment options for the patient. With this said, the individual practicing biological medicine needs not be a specialist in one area of the human body, but a specialist in all areas of the human body and condition. This not only takes a very scientific mind, but also a naturally gifted intuitive to be the type of doctor that biological medicine demands.