What Can I Expect During My Colon Hydrotherapy Appointment?

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The American Center for Biological Medicine has customized plans that address the needs of each individual and their specific goals. We have experience with treating the chronically ill to world-renowned athletes. Any questions, post-treatment instructions, and future treatment preferences will be discussed prior to you leaving. It is our priority that you understand the process and are satisfied with your experience.

Below we have a step-by-step guide from Dawn Nasta of your colon hydrotherapy appointment.

Step 1. A certified colon hydrotherapist will lead you to our deluxe hydrotherapy suite–designed to have an inviting, relaxing atmosphere. Here, your questions will be answered, your concerns will be discussed, and the process will be explained.

Step 2. You will proceed to your private en suite restroom where you can disrobe, put on your gown, secure your personal belongings, and use the restroom.

Step 3. Once you finish using the restroom, your therapist will assist you onto the treatment table, cover your lower half with a towel, and lift your gown to view your abdominal area–keeping your modesty and privacy in mind at all times. You will roll onto your left side while the speculum is gently inserted. Then you will be guided onto your back in a comfortable position for the remainder of the session.

Step 4. For the next 40-45 minutes the therapist will slowly and gently fill your large intestine with a stream of warm water–releasing as necessary. This is a painless process with some slight discomforts and cramping similar to having a bowel movement. Your experienced therapist will be there the entire session to assist in minimizing the discomfort, help you relax, and gently massage your abdomen to facilitate the process.

Step 5. Once your session is complete, your therapist will gently remove the speculum and you will proceed to the restroom to eliminate any final remnants of the process. At this time, any additive upgrades will be introduced. Finally, you will get dressed and your therapist will present you with an electrolyte drink to ensure proper balance.

Let us be part of your life-changing experience!

About Dawn Nasta

Dawn Nasta is a professional certified colon hydrotherapist who is honored to be a part of The American Center for Biological Medicine. She has been practicing colon hydrotherapy for over 12 years. Her experience is diverse and includes working with patients overcoming heart conditions, auto immune illnesses, extreme toxin exposure, substance abuse, hormonal imbalances, inflammation, skin disorders, weight loss, fitness enthusiasts, as well as professional athletes. She has been a clinical supervisor for a colon hydrotherapy certification program helping other therapists begin their career. She has also consulted with several physicians and medical clinics, trained their therapists, and helped them integrate colon hydrotherapy into their practices successfully.

Interested in scheduling a colon hydrotherapy appointment? Schedule your consultation at The American Center for Biological Medicine by calling (888) 982-2260, email us at info@thebiomedcenter.com, or visit our contact page by clicking here.

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