Using Colon Therapy to Cleanse the Body

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Colon therapy is a practice that dates back thousands of years. Today, the treatment type includes using various solutions to cleanse the colon to promote the natural healing abilities of the body. From gut health to increase the immune system, colon therapy is a top choice for many adults who want to see a change in their body for the better.

Many health issues are affected by the gastrointestinal tract. By treating the intestines with colon therapy, the digestive function is stimulated, and intestinal movement is promoted. The cleansing allows the contents of the intestines to move through the body with ease. When the intestinal muscles are unable to push out waste correctly, toxicity can set in and the individual will be greatly affected.

Waste Build-up

When the intestinal muscles are not functioning correctly, the waste in the body will begin to build up. This waste will ferment and decay. The waste then enters the bloodstream via the walls of your colon. The toxins created will poison the brain and nervous system. This can lead to such conditions as anxiety, lethargy, depression or irritability.

Skin health is a good determining factor as to if you need colon therapy. Toxins that are not eliminated via the colon will come through the skin. By using a treatment known as colon hydrotherapy, the colon is filled with liquid and the waste is flushed out as well as stimulation of the colon to increase movement of waste in the future.

A Variety of Cleansing Techniques

When using colon hydrotherapy to stimulate the colon and cleanse the body, a variety of liquids can be used. Some treatments will include using herbal solutions while others will use simple water or coffee. The symptoms of the individual will determine the solution used for treatment.

The process includes the solution placed inside the colon. The abdomen may then be massaged by the therapist and then the liquid is released from the body as it would be via a traditional bowel movement. As the liquid comes out, so does any waste and fluids inside the colon.

Colon hydrotherapy is recommended for a number of conditions including digestive disorders, fatigue, anxiety, bloating and gas, acne and skin dryness, poor cognitive function and more. If you suffer from any of these conditions, you may find that colon hydrotherapy is the right choice to cleanse the body and see a decrease in the symptoms of your condition.

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