Understanding Chronic Fatigue Symptoms

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Chronic fatigue is a condition that many people suffer from on a regular basis. Chronic fatigue must take place six months or longer and leave an individual feeling constantly tired and drained all the time. The issue behind chronic fatigue is unknown and before a diagnosis can begin, other underlying medical conditions must be ruled out. If you find that you feel tired all the time and rundown, it is important to learn the symptoms of chronic fatigue to see if you need to be tested. Understanding the symptoms can help you move one step closer to a CFS diagnosis or find another issue is at play.

Common Symptoms

When one thinks of chronic fatigue, the words sleepy or tired come to mind. However, CFS is so much more. individuals who suffer from this condition can see its onset appear suddenly, with symptoms similar to the flue. Other serious symptoms include muscle and joint pain. Joint pain can actually move from one spot in the body to another. Poor concentration and loss of memory are also common symptoms you may face.

Headaches, night sweats, and chills can also occur, including enlarged lymph nodes. You may find that your digestive system is affected, and you experience disorders in this area of the body including irritable bowel syndrome.

Emotional issues can also occur due to CFS. You may begin to find that you are more irritable at times or develop mood swings. Panic attacks can occur at any time or you may feel depressed, even anxious. You can feel stressed due to lack of sleep or feeling tired all the time which can lead to issues within your personal relationships.

Diagnosis and Treatment

If these symptoms sound familiar, you will need to be tested to see if you have CFS or if an underlying medical condition. Testing will include ruling out a number of conditions to conclude that only CFS can be the culprit. Your physician will be able to assist you with testing to determine what is wrong. If you do have chronic fatigue syndrome, treatment will need to begin.

There are several options for chronic fatigue syndrome Arizona treatment, starting with diet change, exercise and rest. Sometimes, changing the way you eat and eliminating food allergies, as well as exercising and learning how to truly rest can be a big benefit. You can also start therapy counseling to see if you can learn how to cope with the feelings you are having due to being tired and feeling fatigued. Alternative options can also be used for treatment such as acupuncture, massage, yoga or tai chi.

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