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Zyto Scan

Do you ever think of your body as a living, breathing, network of electrical channels? Moreover, do you ever consider that everything you do during the day affects these electrical pathways? The body is an electrical system that is in continual dialogue with the larger universal cellular matrix. Quantum physics has proven this time and again. Scientist Candace Pert expresses this concept beautifully:

“My research has shown me that when emotions are expressed-which is to say that the biochemicals that are the substrate of emotion are flowing freely-all systems are united and made whole. When emotions are repressed, denied, not allowed to be whatever they may be, our network pathways get blocked, stopping the flow of the vital feel-good, unifying chemicals that run both our biology and our behavior.”

Zyto Bioresonance Testing takes only ten minutes. It is a form of electrodermal sensitivity testing that can change the way you look at your health, and your life.

Zyto Scan involves measuring potential differences (voltage) between a tip electrode held against an acupuncture point and a large surface electrode (hand electrode) held by the patient. The resultant resistance is then measured. With each skin measurement point, the response of the person to the test ampoules results in a “yes or no” reading.

If you suffer from any of the following then coming for Zyto Scan may be the smartest thing you have ever done.

Addictions: to food, alcohol, chemicals, nicotine, emotions
Allergies/sensitivities: to healthy food, fats, sugars, alcohol, chemicals, heavy metals (mercury etc), environmentally inhaled substances (pollens, grass, petrol etc.)
Asthma: hay fever, skin problems
Hormonal imbalances: resulting in possible weight problems, menstrual and menopausal issues
Psycho-immunology: illness and stressful conditions where the primary cause lies in some past emotional, mental or physical trauma the person has never fully recovered from.

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