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Singlet Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy allows you to breathe air that is up to 99 percent pure oxygen. This content is purified and much more concentrated than the air you normally breathe, which is sometimes 21% but often lower due to poor air quality, pollution and other environemtnal toxins. Much of the air that we breathe really isn’t pure any longer. Also our tissues contain damaged cells due to wear, tear, and toxicity that are not absorbing oxygen.

The Valkion or singlet oxygen therapy system recreates the oxygen production process that occurs in nature through photosensensitization. When light hits a plant’s leaves, a process occurs as light is transferred into energy for the plant, producing singlet oxygen at the same time. Valkion converts air from the room you are in into singlet oxygen, detoxifying and rejuvenating the body. The process is simple and takes place while you relax in a clinical setting, cared for by a team of experts you can trust.

What can you do when respiratory illness creates dysfuntion in large numbers of air sacs?

Perhaps you have permanent lung damage, like in the case of COPD. Or, you may have a temporary respirtory illness. Whatever the case, Singlet Oxygen Therapy can be a lifesaver. Providing extra oxygen-rich allows the lungs greater absortion capacity. This user-friendly treatment helps a number of serious conditions such as pneumonia, severe asthma, COPD or viral or bacterial based respiratory ailments, both pulmonary and cystic fibrosis and those who suffer from sleep apnea.

The singlet oxygen treatment helps you perform any type of physical activity. Whether you are an athlete and need to optimize your performance or you are struggling with an illness and need to find the energy to carry out an exercise routine, Singlet Oxygen Therapy has tremendous benefits and can:

  • Improve your tolerance for exercise
  • Improve your endurance for exercise or any physical actiivty
  • Reduce respiratory unease while exercising
  • Allow for greater intensity while in action
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