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Quadrant Testing

Are you an athlete? Are you a mother who wants to carry her child without becoming so fatigued? Do you just want to optimize your body’s ability to move in general? Or, are you undergoing the aging process but want to avoid a hip or knee replacement? We all do! Is your movement compromised to the point that you worry you will not be able to function in another important way? ACBM understands and wants to reassure you that there are plenty of ways to help optimize the movement of your body.

How can we understand where our weaknesses are and how to improve them? Quadrant testing explores the range of motion in various joints in order to carefully assess where weak points in the joint surfaces may reside, and which joint surfaces need to be optimized.

Function often follows form. Our body function declines when form is not optimized. Yet at the same time, form follows function, so our functions need optimization before our form can move in the ways that serve our purpose in life.

The dynamics of movement and rotation are critical to our ability to survive, thrive, and age throughout our existence. Our expertise in quadrant testing will reveal the inner surfaces as well as the outer surfaces of the spine, the hips, knees, shoulders and other joints in order to compose the complete optimization orchestration for you. If a joint is meant to rotate, at ACBM, we want to make sure that you receive the maximum rotation possible from that joint.

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