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Our bodies operate like gigantic batteries. Magnapulse therapy reaches inside of you to recharge your battery. Using a simple pulse system delivered to specific physical areas that require healing, like joints, Magnapulse relaxes and regenerates simultaneously. Magnapulse therapies date back a century ago to Nicola Tesla’s plasma energy work. Tesla observed that our cells continually utilize burst energy from common magnetic fields.

Before your treatment the American Center For Biological Medicine team will provide a comprehensive assessment, taking into account any areas of discomfort, pain, or any imbalances that you may have. The Magnapulse wraps around these areas and delivers a high charge consistently to the cells that contain a lower charge. You will feel a pulsing sensation. Through this pulse, Magnapulse is able to target those cells that require regeneration, urgently. As you sit back and relax while receiving this therapy the pulse adjusts and provides what you need. The pulses are directly related to the quality of the membrane that surrounds your cells. Some cells need a higher frequency than others in order to heal.

Which conditions does Magnapulse improve?

  • Degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis, stenosis, and muscular atrophy
  • Injuries that have caused cell damage, including sports injuries
  • Pain levels
  • High levels of toxicity

Cell membrane quality, nutrient quality, oxygen quality, levels of toxins in and around your cells, and nutrient depletion. Magnapulse relieves inflamed areas where a squeezing action has blocked those nerves designed to stop pain. The pulse helps stabilize the membrane of damaged cells. Subsequently, when cells have stable membranes, they do not take as long to heal.

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