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Our lymphatic system is a vast network of vessels, ducts, and lymphatic nodes that carry lymph fluid throughout the body’s cells and tissue. A key point about this system is that unlike the way our blood circulates, lymph fluid cannot move itself. It has to be moved manually. Lymph is a clear to Lymph is a clear-to-white fluid made of: White blood cells, especially lymphocytes, the cells that attack bacteria in the blood. Fluid from the intestines is called chyle, which contains proteins and fats.

Lymphatics play a primary role in immunity because it houses white blood cells. Also, it holds toxins and is responsible for their disposal. When the lymph system is not as active as it could be, those toxins accumulate. Often, the first sign of that accumulation is fatigue. Also lymphatic stagnation manifests as swelling, or edema.

How do I move a system that cannot move itself?

You will love the answer to this question, because with this treatment, you can rest assured in our clinic that your lymphatic system is healing itself. Lymphstar relieves inflammation, joint pain, chronic pain, allergies, and headaches. Circulating the lymph will help you achieve hormonal balance. Also it removes heavy metal toxicity, something that many people suffer from. Importantly, heavy metal toxicity is hard to correct due to the density of metals and the deep way that they settle into our systems. Heavy metal detoxification is quite critical however because research currently shows the presence of heavy metals, for instance aluminum, in the brain tissues of Alzheimer’s, dementia and autism patients.

Lympstar gives you the benefits of various types of massage, all in one safe and effective treatment. It combines energetic modalities to provide not only your lymphatic system with the circulation required, but also the nervous system with a vibratory frequency that improves cognitive function.These modalities include acoustic waves, physical vibration with sonic, an electro-static field, and electro-pressure with the use of multiple treatment points. You will remain safe when treated with these emissions and the gentle manual manipulation.

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