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Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system is composed of channels, similar to our blood circulatory system, spread throughout the body. These channels are intercepted by about 600 lymph nodes. The lymphatic system vessels contract two to three times a minute to flush out the overall system. However, this compression frequency falls short of detoxifying and optimizing a sluggish system. Our FLOW presso™ Therapy system closes this gap, by increasing the precision and frequency of compression. This stimulates all of the systems that lymph channels interact with to relieve suffering easily.

Lymph nodes are stationed on these channels, often close to the joints of the body, and within a cluster of branch-like channels. Lymphatic nodes react to infection by swelling. Lymphatic fluid builds up to unhealthy levels, when bacteria or other organisms increase within tissues. Smaller lymphatic vessels are called lacteals, and these have a special function. They enable the absorption of fats and fat soluble nutrients from the gut. Miraculously, medical science has acknowledged the fact that about 70% of our immune system is based in our gut.

Lymphatic drainage plays a crucial role in a wellness plan due to the following:

  • It is a key component of our immune system
  • Lymphatic vessels create a drainage system that carries fluid from the body tissues into the lymph nodes. Here, foreign substances are evaluated by the immune cells.
  • Lymph nodes serve as signals for imbalances as they swell due to bacterial, or viral cells. In extreme cases they can become infected. This is called lymphadenitis.
  • The lymphatic system interfaces with the blood and tissues producing homeostasis of fluids.
  • Lymphatics are defenders. They protect us from unwanted intruders.
  • This network also coordinates with the digestive system to absorb fats and fat soluble nutrients
  • It reverses congestion and stagnation due to the side effects of medication
  • A healthy lymphatic system promotes weight loss
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