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Lumiceutical Light Therapy

Lumiceutical Light Therapy sounds like a complicated term. It’s not. You may not have heard of it, but you are already familiar with its premise because it works in similar ways to the sun. Have you felt the power of the sun’s rays? If so you can understand why this therapy is so beneficial. In fact, it is a more concentrated and targeted form of healing.

Leumieutical Light Therapy works on a cellular level to rejuvenate your body. This therapy safely and comfortably delivers light wavelengths to increase circulation, support optimal cell performance and relieve pain. Lumiceutical Lights are FDA approved to help with circulation, promote healing, and for pain relief. The procedure uses infrared light, and healing frequencies to stimulate all of your cells. This modality reduces stress, boosts cognition, helps the body detoxify, and renews the cells. It is painless and effective plus has no side effects. Generally a treatment lasts one half hour only. After your first assessment we will determine the length of your sessions and ideal treatment frequency.

Medical research offers proof that natural light drastically improves health conditions. It is something ancient healing philosophies have spoken of for hundreds of years. Clinical trials at the University of Arizona, Massachusetts General Hospital, offer hope to those with skin and eye conditions who have not experienced success with other treatments. Skin problems in particular have already been treated for over a decade in dermatology offices. Migraine sufferers and those with depression, also populations that traditional allopathic and pharmaceutical companies have not helped, are studying light therapy to alleviate symptoms.

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