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Flowpresso Therapy

FLOWpresso is an amazing 3-in-1 treatment. While you relax in our clinic you are wrapped in a FLOWPresso blanket with small pumps that help circulate lymphatic fluid.

Our lymphatic system is a vast network of channels with lymph nodes. However, it does not have a circulatory function like blood flow. Lymphatics have to be moved manually.

FLOWpresso is indispensable because it:

First – Applies compression to stimulate the release of toxins
Second – Uses far infrared energy to relax the nervous system
Third – Utilizes deep pressure to calm the body and mind


Biomedical expert Dr. Thom, advises patients to take advantage of lymphatic drainage treatments. In short, he says, everyone has lymphatic stagnation. Understandably, Flo Presso can help each of us. Patients find that it:

  • Relieves anxiety and depression
  • Reduces fatigue and raises energy levels
  • Helps you balances various daily stressors
  • Improves health and sports recovery
  • Enhances sports endurance
  • Balances hormonal function
  • Deepens ad regulates you sleep cycle
  • Boosts metabolic function and helps you lose weight
  • Decreases pain and inflammation levels
  • Balances all systems to improve the body’s natural healing state

We are not conscious of our lymphatic system. Unlike our blood we do not see the clear to white lymphatic fluid. It moves silently as our protector, to boost immunity, when we exercise, shower, and invert the body (in yoga inversions). Interestingly, the lymphatic system in Eastern medical traditions represents both power, and a sense of empowerment.

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