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Exercise With Oxygen Therapy

Would you like to experience a more intense athletic workout?

That might not be all…

• Do you suffer from lack of mobility?
• Do you experience infections that doctors cannot explain?
• Do you have cardiovascular disease or dysfunction?
• Have you experienced cognitive decline?
• Do you suffer from anxiety, depression or fatigue?

You can benefit from Exercise with Oxygen Therapy. Oxygen loss is extremely common. Many factors contribute to it, including lack of proper breathing on a daily basis, internal and external pollutants, prolonged mental strain, poor posture from sitting in front of digital devices, overexertion, various diseases, and also traumas to our systems.

Breathing concentrated oxygen while working out can provide immediate benefits in strength, endurance, and energy levels. Consider how increasing the oxygen levels in blood, plasma, and tissues during an EWOT treatment will enhance all your systems. Moreover it will detoxify, flush out lactic acid and improve circulation in all systems including lymphatic drainage.

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