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Electronic Footbath

Electron footbaths play a fundamental role in the Biologis Basics approach to healing. But how does a foot bath heal disease? American Center For Biological Medicine medical expert Dr. Dickson Thom puts it very simply – electrons energize the whole body. He explains that we are surrounded by electronic devices all the time that operate via electrons. When the battery in those devices gets run down, the device stops working. We are like human batteries. Therefore we need to be recharged regularly. The Electron Foot Bath provides an ideal way to ensure results, efficiently.

The Electron Foot Bath takes about 30 to 45 minutes. It works through a specific frequency that is conducted safely through the Foot Bath that drives and shifts electrons throughout the whole body. During the treatment you merely relax and enjoy the sensation of a warm treatment. However, even while you relax, technology is reconfiguring the constitution of your cells that contributes to disease.

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