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Ear Ozone

Ozone is a colorless gas that has three oxygen molecules. When it is concentrated and used medicinally it has far-reaching results.

Ozone contains a positive charge that has oxidized organic compounds. It sounds tricky but its benefits reside in how simple this therapy actually is. Illness is created when negatively charged cells invade the body. These include parasites, yeast, active infections and our most famous friend, bacteria. Ozone therapy kills these cells. Consequently it can reduce symptoms, as well as the need for pharmaceuticals that are often difficult for people to tolerate and produce unwanted side effects.

Ear Ozone, also known as Ear Insufflation is introduced into the ear canal and absorbed in the blood and lymphatic system. It treats any type of infection including viral, bacterial and fungal infections. Similarly, it alleviates upper respiratory infections, ear nose and throat infections, plus Lyme Disease. Ear Ozone also helps correct the musculoskeletal pain that comes with musical spasms, arthritis, and TMJ. The same therapeutic application benefits autoimmune disorders. Studies have shown that Ear Ozone alleviates Meniere’s Disease which is often difficult to correct. It can be injected into a joint, tendon or ligament and has a remarkable reconstructive effect on the musculoskeletal system.

Are Ozone therapies safe?

Ozone therapies are perfectly safe. They have been used since the mid-nineteenth century. Before the turn of the century Ozone was routinely used to sterilize drinking water, In 1896, Nicholaus Tesla even patented the first ozone generator in the US. One of the greatest advantages of this therapy is its minimal side effects. Ozone therapies have been thoroughly tested in Germany and Canada. Research has proven that it is effective in treating the SARS virus. Also there is evidence that Ozone therapies reduce the oxidative stress that contributes to diabetes, and in particular problems with diabetic foot disorders. Ozone therapies have been safely administered in Europe for decades. After a worldwide meta- analysis on Ozone management for pain conditions, an expert consensus of Chinese physicians concluded that Ozone is a valuable therapy for pain management.

Why do we need Ozone therapies?

Oxygen is the most important nutrient that we absorb. However, our bodies lose oxygen for various reasons. One is external pollutants, two is internal toxins, and three is mental exhaustion. However there are more factors such as trauma and the cyclical effects of diseases themselves that deplete the body’s resources. During the aging process, our body does not deliver oxygen as effectively to its cells. In this state free radicals roam the body in ever increasing numbers and create disease.

When other therapies fail, Ear Ozone succeeds. In the calm setting of the American Center For Biological Medicine we provide these short, easy to administer treatments that free you from the hassles and burdens of illness.

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