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Cerebral Fit

Biologic medicine works by increasing natural energy. This is required to shift the matrix of any illness.

Traditional medicine already uses measurable energy fields in diagnosis and treatment. Your physician may have used some of these tools already like an MRI, magnetic resonance imaging cardiac pacemakers or UV light therapy. The Cerebral Fit treatment uses similar principles. Cerebral Fit uses precise, trustworthy technology, to help you feel better sooner, rather than later.

You might have heard of brain mapping. Maybe you have heard the word ‘neuroplasticity’.

What does this mean? The American Center For Biological Medicine can precisely monitor your brain health with a QEEG. This is short for quantitative electroencephalogram.

Through a multi-electrode cap placed on the head, the QEEG can detect where the brain has higher or lower amplitude levels. This cap looks like a swim cap with multiple electrode points. It calculates your varying amplitude levels and records them on a colored map that is easy to read. This map is designed to reveal the areas of the brain function at a lower rate.

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