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Bio Travel & Jetlag

What is Jet Lag and how can we prevent it?

Jet Lag occurs when the waking and sleep cycle is altered. This might happen when you travel to different time zones. It can also result from night shift work, or being ‘on call’. Moreover, sleep deprivation due to ongoing caregiving responsibilities occurs if you wake up at night. Traveling through time zones is a big culprit. If a person crosses over more time zones during travel in a shorter amount of time, jet lag can definitely increase and it takes much longer to recover.

If you travel, or your schedule includes nighttime duties, you may feel that you are in a hopeless cycle of trying to catch up with time itself. However, it seems impossible because you end up feeling almost constantly fatigued. Loss of sleep, artificial forms of energy like sugar and caffeine, leave you feeling even more depleted. The Jet Lag Infusion is the remedy for these problems. The ingredients include: Vitamin C, B 12, Engystol, B Complex, Zinc, Magnesium (Mg) 500 – IL normal saline or lactated ringers. Each Jet Lag Infusion ingredient is carefully combined into a formula that alleviates stress, optimizes nervous system functions and puts you back on the road to hormone regulation.


B Complex

B Complex contains 8 vitamins. These utilize fats and protein, and convert carbohydrates into glucose, producing energy.

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