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Bio Revitalize

Are you a high-energy type? We get you! Vitality happens when you feel strong, active, and energetic. It is a power that is the pulse of life itself. We need it, day in and day out. Yet sometimes, we don’t have it. At the American Center for Biological Medicine, we believe that recovering your vitality is the core of healing. We provide supportive treatments on the spot.

Revitalize Infusion contains the ideal concentration of nutrients: Vitamin C, Calcium, B-Complex, B6, Zinc, Magnesium, B12, B5, Selenium, and Glutathione. This infusion works quickly to restore your vitality. Our clinic delivers this treatment efficiently in a quiet setting so that you recharge with the least effort and hassle possible. We use diagnostic precision to help you in the long term by asking, “Why am I leaking energy?”


B Complex

B Complex contains 8 vitamins. These utilize fats and protein, and convert carbohydrates into glucose, producing energy.

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