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Bio Optimize

Have you ever stopped to think about how healthy your cells could become rather than focusing on how terrible and tired you feel from day to day? At ACBM we want you to feel better every minute of every day.

Embracing the core of Biomedicine means ‘to optimize’. How can we understand this?It takes you to Dr. Thom explains to patients that biological medicine is a whole person medicine. Let’s say that ten patients come in with the same diagnosis, or the same disease like diabetes. They may receive totally different treatment plans. Why? Because Biomedicine treats the person, and not the disease.

Both Dr. Thom and Dr. Drobot has experienced the same issues with patients over decades. A patient with a chronic illness will almost always have five different organ systems that need rebalancing. Almost all of the time the lymphatic system needs resuscitation and restoration but other possibilities might include the endocrine system or the digestive system.


B Complex

B Complex contains 8 vitamins. These utilize fats and protein, and convert carbohydrates into glucose, producing energy.


Relieves joint aches, muscle strains/sprains and bruising, features several anti-inflammatory herbs, topical analgesic.

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