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Bio Detox

Do you ever feel fatigued? Are you frustrated by a diet that never seems to provide you with the energy you need? Do you suffer from insomnia, headaches, digestive issues, or inflammation? Do you have an autoimmune disorder that seems uncontrollable? Are you trying to detoxify from substance abuse? If you answered yes to any of these questions it is probably wise to consider our Bio Detox treatment.

Bio Detox binds to toxins and helps your body eliminate them so that you can feel clean and energized. Great coupled with a Bio Super B injection to increase your energy or Colon Hydrotherapy to increase the detoxification process.The Bio Detox IV helps to naturally stimulate the body’s ability to eliminate toxins. This IV is packed full of micronutrients and the“Master of all Antioxidants”.

We can only regenerate when clean tissues and clean organs can draw the nutrients and substances from the food we eat. It is impossible to put clean food into a dirty body and expect good results. Moreover most of the time the food that we put into our body is not really clean. It may be genetically modified or contain pesticides. Ultimately it is more complicated than simply saying ‘we are what we eat’. In fact, we are what we assimilate, digest and utilize. When systems are backed up, or overloaded with foriegn substances it is literally impossible to heal.


B Complex

B Complex contains 8 vitamins. These utilize fats and protein, and convert carbohydrates into glucose, producing energy.

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