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My story starts out similar to most... I had suffered with headaches and migraine headaches for over 20 years. A cyst had been found during a routine mammogram in my right breast. My husband and I had spent 10 months trying for our first baby with no success. Mainstream medicine was doing all it was educated to do or allowed to do within its scope. I knew that I needed to step beyond what I had accepted health care to be and so the search began. During this process, I was blessed to have a dear friend attend a seminar where Dr. Drobot and Dr. Thom spoke. She shared with excitement what she had learned and in the latter part of June 2014, I found myself at the American Center for Biological Medicine. I was submersed in a multitude of therapies over a four day period. Working with Dr. Drobot and his team of professionals was unlike anything I had ever experienced. The care, attention and explanation of what was transpiring in my body went far beyond any "doctor" appointment I had ever had. Dr. Drobot's focus was to balance my hormones. In doing so, my body would "re-set" itself. My last day at the clinic was July 03rd, 2014. My results were nothing short of a miracle. I went for 22 months without a headache or migraine headache. Pure bliss!! The cyst in my right breast has not changed in size or consistency. Pure relief!! Most profound, we welcomed our full term baby girl into the world on April 18th, 2015. Now two years old, words to describe Danika are healthy, entertaining, busy, a spark of a personality, bright and empathetic. She is our Pure Joy.

Brandon, Danika and I owe our ability to call ourselves a family to ACBM.

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Edith, Brandon and Danika

I just wanted to send some pics of Jack from the past two weeks at your office. I seriously can't thank Dr Drobot and all the staff enough there @ ACBM, that made us feel so welcomed and at home. Thank you and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I've seriously spent 3 years, everyday searching for you guys for my Jack! I owe Dr Drobot and your team my life! He is doing great and we are definitely on the right path. Thank you!

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“Thank you for coming to our gym, I thought the presentation was very interesting, and I found myself discussing some of the information with my trainer today. I even went to bed at 10:10pm last night like he suggested!"

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"Dr. Thom’s talk was very impressive!!"

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“I loved Dr. Thom’s presentation…thank you!"

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"Dr. Thom’s presentation was great! I’m still going through my notes and keep finding new information!"

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"I gained so much both clinically and personally. I came with a fairly strong foundation and knowledge of biomed, both personally and professionally, and with my current state of health, I was finally able to put the whole picture together. Biomed provides support towards optimal health by resetting body systems and dynamics. I feel I am finally on my way to a great, healthy future!"

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"I have had many therapies over my lifetime, including colon hydrotherapy, and Renee is truly excellent at colon hydrotherapy. She understands the intestinal anatomy and knows how to anatomically and intuitively, bring about an optimal result."

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In July 2015 I was diagnosed with PTSD and the normal life that I had known was spiraling downward out of control. I had tried numerous therapies that helped but never resolved the problem. My first session was 4/20/16, I had 2 EVOX sessions a week for 5 weeks with Dr Maxson. Through EVOX and Dr Maxson’s guidance she treated cause of my PTSD and not the symptoms. I don’t have the words to describe what Dr Maxson has helped me achieve through EVOX. I will be forever grateful for her compassion, professionalism, and her service. She also has a wonderful sense of humor, which made difficult subjects for me a lot more tolerable. I would recommend Dr Maxson and EVOX to anyone.

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Sean M’s Story

I wanted to thank you for such a fantastic week at your new clinic. My energy level is almost off the charts. I feel better than I have in a long time. I am in awe of all the people and machines you have put in one place that makes life better for any of us lucky enough to spend time in your clinic.

All testimonials are from actual patients who have been helped by American Center for Biological Medicine.

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Millie’s Story

By this point it was necessary for me to begin to think differently. I had to get off this Lyme train. It had not worked for me after years of treatment, and it had not worked for anyone that I knew beside early detected acute cases. The myriad of infusions I had endured, whether they be antibiotic or homeopathic, I have now realized were not the route I was to go in. My main objective now was not so much about eradicating the bacteria, fungus, mold, viruses, and parasites. This protocol was reserved for the conventional allopathic approach and in my opinion allopathy and chronic illness do not go together. My whole attention was now on strengthening all the biological processes in the body and allow my body to do the very job that nature intended.

We began to go to work immediately using cutting edge advanced medical technology over biochemistry. Let’s face it, biochemistry can be pretty sloppy when using drugs or supplements. You run the risk of side effects or adverse reactions. Plus they can put a huge stress on organs systems rather aiding the organic process of healing. In my case the purpose of this was to avoid any nervous system reaction due to supplementation. My nervous system was so out of whack, that even taking a tiny dose of vitamin c completely over stimulated my entire system. The technology was there to put my body in a state in which it can wake up it’s natural intention of functionality.
The doctors were constantly watching what was happening and adjusting things. Follow up and follow through was impeccable. This is the amazing thing about this biological medicine team. There was monitoring and room for improvisation. You never hear about this in medicine but it is crucial. We were constantly looking to my body and its reaction to dictate what we were able to do next. My body was finally respected and in charge. No generic protocols. No false claims. No banner that said “We have the cure!” They gave my body that credit. We just did one thing at a time very slowly in order to strengthen and balance each system in my body to eradicate this disease process.

Every modality has a role in a treatment, however a true healer has to put the patient in the position to actually respond to the treatment. It is integral for the practitioner utilizing biological medicine to have a full understanding of the the ability to combine these modalities in order to have the most comprehensive treatment options for the patient. With this said, anyone mastering biological medicine needs not be a specialist in one area of the human body, but a specialist in all areas of the human body and condition. This not only takes a very scientific mind, but also a naturally gifted intuitive to be the type of doctor that biological medicine demands. I found this in Dr Jeoff Drobot and Dr Dick Thom after 20 years of searching the globe.

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Mario A Campanaro’s Story (Lyme Warrior)

Appreciation of my life became more precious after spending three days with you at your extraordinary clinic. I am a fairly conscious person, especially being a photographer and writer, but I am now so much more aware of the Big Puzzle, particularly of my own body, and how the pieces fit together.
Your care and concern was extraordinary.
With great thanks to All of you!

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Joan’s Story

How can we ever express our thanks for the wonderful, caring, beyond the call of duty treatment that Charlie & I received during our three weeks at ACBM – especially that first week when Charlie was so debilitated. You have raised the bar on medical care – it will be very difficult to return to the reality of impersonal, cookie cutter treatment that passes for medicine these days. You should be very proud of what you have created & all the truly fine practitioners that you have gathered.

I am sure that our paths will cross again soon. In the meantime, our profound appreciation for all that you did to make a stressful situation bearable……& even occasionally fun. And the dogs really add a lot!

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Charlie & Chrissie’s Story

Nine years ago, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a chronic illness. For years, I found there was a wall between physicians and holistic providers. Finally, with the ACBM, I have doctors who incorporate what works in both systems. I feel very lucky to have found the Center. This is a place where healing happens.

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Ann’s Story

I cannot speak highly enough about ACBM’s support staff. I arrived anxious about my newly diagnosed autoimmune disease, but left feeling significantly better, some of my symptoms greatly relieved, with the full understanding that there is so much I can do to heal my body. I feel so grateful to have found ACBM.

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Cynthia’s Story

Our family was in trouble. We had been engaged in a two-year war for my wife’s health, and we were losing. In January of 2013, my wife’s health hit an all-time low. We had spent thousands of dollars on conventional medicine, tried homeopathy and various alternative treatments, but no one was able to diagnose what the problem was – let alone treat it. We were tossed back and forth from specialist to specialist, but we were losing the battle. Her health was rapidly declining and she had lost much weight. She was not able to walk without assistance because of how weak she was. Our family was begging God to provide a miracle and to give us wisdom and strength to fight this unknown problem.
The Lord answered that prayer in the form of a recommendation from a friend. He introduced us to the idea of biological medicine – a foreign concept to us. He shared with us how that the body, with the right nutritional support and cleansing can heal itself, and told us the amazing story of his own daughter that was miraculously helped when no one else could or would do anything. Even though we were skeptical, we decided to give the American Center for Biological Medicine a chance since we had no where else to turn. I believe that recommendation saved the life of my bride.

On April 1, 2013, we made the long journey across the country from Virginia to Arizona. Liz was physically so weak, I had to wheel her through the airports in a wheelchair. We arrived at ACBM the next morning not sure what to expect, but I was doubtful that anything could help my wife. After all, everyone else promised to help and no one did. Over the next two weeks, Drs. Thom and MacCarthy worked diligently to help give us the tools we needed to get the victory.

Under their watchful eye, I watched my wife slowly regain her strength back. There were times that we wanted to quit as the treatments were extremely uncomfortable and tiring, but we pressed on! Her body started to get into a rhythm, and she started to gain some weight back. Her energy levels increased exponentially to the point that on the last day in Scottsdale we play 9 holes of golf! (ok, it was put-put golf but it was 1000% better than having to wheel her around in a wheelchair!)

It has been almost 9 months since we have returned from our time at ACBM. We have had our ups and downs, but overall great progress is being made. Liz has been in frequent contact with Dr. Thom, and he has always been there for us during some difficult hours after we returned home. The follow-up support has been absolutely amazing.

While we are not out of the woods yet, the end is in sight! Life has returned to almost normal. Last Sunday, Liz for the first time in almost two years played the piano in church for the ENTIRE WORSHIP SERVICE! She is slowly beginning to acclimate back to the routines of being a mom again. With God’s help and the assistance of the wonderful staff at ACBM, we hope to be at 100% optimal health in the near future! Thank you for all that you have done for our family.

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The Schwanke Family Story

I began looking into Biological Medicine after years of allopathic, Western medicine and disease left me chronically ill. No stranger to natural medicine and treatments, such as acupuncture and homeopathy, I knew that I needed to find additional advanced, comprehensive care to uncover my path to healing.

I was drawn to ACBM initially because of their domestic location in Arizona and the exceptional reputation of their doctors.

Upon entering the clinic, the friendly and attentive staff helped to make me feel completely comfortable and at home. The top-tier nurses and doctors all became part of a supportive and compassionate environment that fostered my healing. That same atmosphere also helped create bonds of friendship with other patients that were incredibly beneficial towards my recovery.

The facility and treatment methods at ACBM are of the highest quality. The doctors strive to bring innovative and progressive methods of treatments directly to their patients. Many of the treatments that I underwent are hard to find within the United States. Having so many services available on site made the focus of my trip to ACBM be about healing, not driving to, or waiting for appointments. Every minute capitalized on a personalized protocol for my recovery.

I found one of the most effective parts of the day was the daily one on one time with the doctors. Over the course of my illness, I’ve seen over 30 physicians. When I became sick, I started down the rabbit-hole of trying to figure out what was plaguing me. It took more than four years of active searching and invasive testing to discover I had the controversial diagnosis of chronic Lyme disease. Despite living in an epicenter of Lyme disease, I still found that most doctors I saw completely dismissed my diagnosis and gave me no hope of recovery. It made me discouraged that I would never find a physician that would put together the broken pieces of my health puzzle. After my first meeting with Dr. Drobot and Dr. Thom, I immediately knew they were beyond outstanding. Despite their intellectual brilliance, their humble nature is welcoming, grounding, and nurturing. They provided the medical and emotional support to set up a realistic plan for full recovery. It’s hard to explain the emotions and feelings when, as a very sick person, a doctor not only finally believes you, but believes in you. This trusting relationship with the practitioners at ACBM laid the frame work for my path to good health.

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