Soundbed Therapy

//Soundbed Therapy

Vibroacoustics is “hearing sound vibrations through the body.”

Sound can be extremely healing. It can bring us into a deep state of relaxation, countering the negative effects of stress. One of the most powerful ways of experiencing this is by listening to specific music. It affects our heart rate, our respiration, our brain waves, and our mood.

Did you know that sounds played in harmony can actually move water molecules into a visible pattern? This phenomena is known as ‘resonance’. Imagine what these audio waves could do to your body’s cells. Our bodies are 60% water. Cells not only live in a watery environment, they are largely made of water. Water transmits the sound and vibrations efficiently while you lie comfortably on the sound bed. The sound frequencies gently permeate your cells, leaving you in a state of relaxation, with decreased pain and anxiety. In just 30 minutes, acoustic therapy can balance your heart rate/blood pressure, increase circulation, reduce chronic muscle tension, energize your moods and emotions, and greatly reduce stress. Your physician will choose from a list of over one hundred individual programs targeting specific organs and conditions to appropriately address the desired treatment goal. Therapy is usually done multiple times per week initially to entrain the individual’s physiology to adopt and adapt.

Soundbed Therapy is a 30 minutes treatment and is effective for a variety of conditions, particularly beneficial for:

  • Migraine and Tension Headaches

  • Stress

  • Muscle tension

  • Anxiety

  • Boosting mood

  • Pain

  • Fatigue

  • Insomnia

Individual results may vary. Past performance no guarantee of future results.

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