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Join Us In Concert With the Marion Institute to Kick Off 2023 BioBites January 3rd!

We are nature. Just as rocks contain calcium, so do our bones. Just as rivers contain water, so does our body. Just as lightning conducts electric current, so does our brain. And yet, over many generations of increased industrialization and technology, we have distanced ourselves from everyday cycles of nature, becoming removed from that which we are. This separation has led us to become a society with more illness than wellness.

But how do we return to a more natural state in order to bring about lasting balance and health? The key is knowing the science and practice of Natural Laws to Live By.

Join us for a very special BioBites on Tuesday, January 3rd, when Dr. Thom will present a comprehensive distillation of the most common, easy-to-access, inexpensive ways to maintain health over a lifetime. These common-wisdom-not-common-practice habits are the keys to our natural state of wellbeing and harmony. 

Some of the topics Dr. Thom will cover include:

  • The benefits of practicing good sleep hygiene
  • How deep breathing exercises can detox the body
  • Probiotics: their history and science
  • Why essential fatty acids are a must-use for self-regulation
  • The positive effects of grounding
  • What’s a nebulizer and why use one

… And so much more!

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