VSEL: Very small embryonic like stem cells


Popularly referred to as a “shot of youth serum,” VSELs are formed in bone marrow, are ⅓ the size of other adult stem cells and are non-tumorigenic. VSELS are so small that they’re able to reach parts of the body other cells cannot, including passage through the blood-brain barrier. VSELS have been researched for their longevity-conferring and chronic disease healing properties.

How it Works: We draw blood then separate the VSEL stem cells from other cells. These cells are then light and temperature activated. We then combine adult pluripotent stem cells with powerful growth factors extracted from your platelet cells contained within the same blood sample.

What it feels like: Similar to IV or injection therapy

Symptoms/systems: inflammation (such as RA and ankylosing spondylitis), chronic diseases, injuries and of course longevity—VSEL assists in triggering the release of Telomerase, the enzyme that restores the ends of telomeres involved in the aging process.

How long: 30-60 minutes