Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) Hair Rejuvenation


Commonly known as second generation PRP, this unique microneedling or lip and cheek injection treatment utilizes a platelet rich fibrin matrix made of growth factors and stem cells from your own blood to revitalize skin and hair.

How It Works: 2-4 vials of blood are drawn from arm. The blood is centrifuged to separate the PRF component cells. The liquid then transferred to a syringe and applied topically or injected through a fine needle. For 10-12 days following treatment, the continual release of Growth Factors accelerates tissue healing and the skin’s regeneration process, promoting collagen production.

What It Feels Like: Numbing cream is applied to minimize any discomfort. Needling sensation varies.

What Symptoms/Systems It’s Good For: Hair loss.

How Long Does The Treatment Take?: 60-90 minutes per session