Ozone (including MAH and 10-Pass) delivers O3 to the body to inactivate infections (e.g., bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, and protozoa), stimulate oxygen metabolism, support the immune system, and counter the effects of aging.

How It Works: Hyperoxygenation with oxygen, create ATP

  • Applications: blood ozone: step one 60 mL, in syringe, 1000 mg heparin, draw 60 CCs of ozone, then explain ozone binds to albumin that effect is neutralized, reinfuse for 15-30 minutes, no negative side effects, could be fatigue or minor headache
  • Applications: Ear: stethoscope in, fill 60 CC syringe, add to line in, slowly infuse over 3-5. Nasal application: olive oil (buffer): 10 minutes, feels like you’re getting oxygen, can be slightly drying
  • Applications: rectal, ozone insufflation bag, 250 mL ozone gas 15-20, insert catheter, shea butter, take a deep breath
  • Applications: vaginal, self or guided, 250 mL ozone gas

What It Feels Like: same as regular IV

What Symptoms/Systems It’s Good For:

How Long Does The Treatment Take: 15-30