Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy


Gum disease is a chronic form of “silent” inflammation that can eventually cause destruction of the supporting bone and gum tissue, and lead to tooth loss if left untreated. During periodontal cleanings, we can remove harmful bacterial biofilms and buildup below the gum line in order to maintain a healthy support structure for your teeth.

How It Works: Your BioMed practitioner will numb the area with a topical treatment or offer you an anesthetic. The practitioner will use cavitron to break down bacteria, and occasionally use a diode laser to kill bacteria deep with teeth. You’ll typically be given a Stella Life Rinse to use at home.

What It Feels Like: N/A

What Symptoms/Systems It’s Good For: Gum disease

How Long Does The Treatment Take?: 60-90 minutes, several sessions is typical.