EBO2: Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozone


Often referred to as “dialysis with ozone” and the most advanced delivery of ozone, EBO2 is the extracorporeal exposure to oxygen and ozone. EBO2 treatments are used to remove inactive proteins which can lead to autoimmune related health concerns, separates fats, removes fat microparticles, cholesterol, heavy metals toxins and diseased dead cells.

How it Works: Over 60-90 minutes the EBO2 machine recirculates 5-7 liters of a patient’s blood trapping and removing impurities and fats.

What it feels like: Patient rests comfortably while dark red, oxygen-depleted blood is removed and exposed to EBO2. The treated blood is then re-infused into the body.

Systems/symptoms: for people with serious health concerns such as Lyme disease, chronic inflammation, ongoing viruses of all types and immune system overactivation. EBO2 is also used in otherwise healthy individuals as a preventive blood-cleansing method.

How long: 60-90 minutes