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Let’s face it. Arizona summers are hot and can be draining. With the unrelenting heat and rapid changes in weather with the monsoon season, it can cause us to lose that normal hop our steps. While some of us might go for the quick coffee boost in the morning to combat this summertime slump, we still might be experiencing an overarching sense of fatigue and exhaustion. So how can you recharge your battery this summer?

We consulted with American Center for Biological Medicine (ACBM) health expert Dr. Jennifer Markham regarding Gemstone Therapy. Dr. Markham explains the pragmatic application of Gemstone Therapy and a popular emerging trend, gemstone facials. For those looking for a holistic way to recharge their energy without any invasive measures, Gemstone Therapy is the way to go. Dr. Markham explains the process of Gemstone Therapy and puts to rest common myths of this scientifically-backed and beneficial therapy.

What is Gemstone Therapy?

Gemstone Therapy has many applications including pain management, promoting wound healing, aesthetics, and more. At the ACBM Dr. Markham primarily uses Gemstone Therapy for nervous system balancing and promoting the proper balance of parasympathetic at 40% to sympathetic at 60%.

Dr. Markham says, “Various gemstones, which each have their own torus field and magnetic resonance, are used on the skin as well as a few inches above the body to interact with the biomagnetic field of the human body. The body is ‘reset’ or ‘recharged’ to function and heal most optimally through proper gemstone applications at various areas of the body.”

There is a Gemstone Therapy used for natural face enhancement as well. This is the aesthetic use of gemstones and has become very popular. People are discovering noticeable and bodywide positive effects from gemstone facials without needles or chemicals. Gemstone facials are also an individualized treatment which is very effective. Results are noticeable anywhere from immediately following treatment up to six days after one treatment. Generally, more than one treatment is recommended and several patients choose to continue at-home gemstone facials for lifetime maintenance of their bright, youthful appearance. Gemstone facials have a bodywide effect, similar to Craniosacral therapy, because when you work at the level of the cranium you affect the entire body, top-down.

How can Gemstone Therapy increase your energy this summer?

“Gemstones Therapy is excellent conjunctive support for proper sleep due to its effects on the nervous system and lymphatic system,” says Dr. Markham. Better sleep, and more quality rest when one is sleeping, can support more energy. Gemstone Therapy treatments are individualized and can often address a wide variety of underlying issues of someone who is experiencing more fatigue this summer.

Why is crystal healing becoming so popular?

Dr. Markham says that crystal healing is unique and few practitioners use gemstones masterfully. More and more people are desiring less invasive treatments and enjoy a therapy that is relaxing. For some, crystal healing is similar to a deep meditation or sleep all while being supported to heal.

Dr. Markham continues saying, “Common sense tells us that these tools of nature, gemstones, have healing properties just as herbs and minerals do. We are utilizing the healing power of nature with our understanding of biological medicine and quantum physics to bring about more rapid healing.”

What can patients expect during a treatment session?

Typically, you will lie on your back, close your eyes, listen to quiet music, and enter a state of deep relaxation for a 45-minute to one-hour session. The setting is similar to a massage therapy session. Many patients feel different sensations where the gemstones are used, which may be described as tingling, lightly electric in nature, a slight pressure, and/or a change in temperature on the skin. Several patients may not feel any sensations initially.

What are some common myths about Gemstone Therapy?

Perhaps the most common myth is that Gemstone Therapy is something you have to “believe in” to work. While having a positive outlook or expectation to any therapy can be beneficial, Gemstone Therapy is not something that is based on believing. There is a scientific backing that the gemstones interact with our bodies and support healing, nervous system balancing, pain relief, and relief of tension (physical, mental, and emotional).

Let us be part of your life-changing experience!

About Dr. Jennifer Markham

Dr. Jennifer Markham discovered naturopathic medicine after being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis–an autoimmune disease that wreaks havoc on the digestive, nervous, and immune system. She also witnessed the near death of her mother due to complications with Crohn’s disease–another digestive autoimmune disease. When Dr. Markham committed herself to finding the answers behind her own chronic illness, she discovered naturopathic medicine, began medical school, and wholeheartedly embodied the mindset “physician health thyself.” After medical school, Dr. Markham aimed to restore her own health, which allowed her to support and empower others to achieve optimal vibrancy and health. She then had a private practice in Boulder, Colorado for two years with a primary focus in management of chronic disease, including mental and emotional conditions, autoimmune disease, gastrointestinal disorders, endocrine disorders, infertility, women’s health, aging, and neurodegeneration. She utilizes foundations of lifestyle balancing through individualized daily practices, nutrition, movement, and proper sleep hygiene. The therapies she provides are biotherapeutic drainage (a European homeopathic system), gemstone therapies, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and hydrotherapy. In chronic disease, the nervous system invariably contributes to the worsening of the disease or limits the healing. Dr. Markham focuses on nervous system balancing through lifestyle, therapies, and treatments individualized to each patient.

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