Overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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A chronic illness that many people face today is known as chronic fatigue syndrome. This is a chronic illness that creates extreme fatigue that can last for six months or longer. The fatigue is not caused by an underlying medical condition. Basically, one is diagnosed with chronic fatigue when laboratory tests find nothing else wrong. When diagnosed with this syndrome, it is important to find out how to treat yourself correctly.


A diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome will require a large amount of testing. Your physician will want to ensure that you do not have any chronic conditions or underlying diseases. Everything else will be ruled out before deciding that chronic fatigue is in play. Without treatment, you can be subject to concentration issues, memory problems and a decrease in stamina.

When you have chronic fatigue syndrome, you can begin to see issues within your relationships as you are tired and frustrated with no reason as to why, until you are diagnosed. You can feel angry, anxious and even guilt for feeling so tired and worn out.

Common symptoms of the condition include muscle pain, loss of memory, joint pain that can move from one area of the body to another, headaches, night sweats, irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive disorders and more.

So how do you overcome this diagnosis? How do you feel less tired? Conventional treatments will focus on the symptoms instead of an underlying cause as there is not one known. For most people, the best way to overcome chronic fatigue syndrome is to seek help from professionals. Chronic fatigue treatment Arizona centers can assist with diet changes, medication or a number of other options to help treat your condition.

Dietary Changes

Many health professionals suggest making dietary changes. Food allergies have been connected to chronic fatigue, so eliminating foods that you may have an issue with could alleviate your symptoms. Gluten is a common intolerance that can cause stomach issues as well as problems such as fatigue. Eliminating this element could see you moving away from chronic fatigue symptoms.

Rest and Relaxation

Another suggestion is to learn how to relax and rest. With chronic fatigue symptom, you will feel exhausted on a regular basis. You may begin to feel stressed, experience muscle and joint pain, as well as have a reduction in your brain cognition. To overcome these issues, you must learn how to relax and rest. Commit to hours or even a full day or two of rest when you feel overcome with chronic fatigue symptoms. Allow yourself to do something you love that is relaxing, such as reading a book or knitting. Mediation is also an option you can try to feel more at peace and fully relax the body.

Sleep is also important. Many patients with chronic fatigue syndrome will find they have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, experience restless leg syndrome, have muscle spasms at night or even vivid nightmares. It is important to practice a regular routine at bedtime. Cut off technology way ahead of your bedtime. Learn how to properly unwind and relax so your mind is rested and ready to begin a comfortable sleep cycle.

Alternative Methods

Another way in which to overcome chronic fatigue syndrome is to use alternative medicine methods. From acupuncture to yoga or tai chi, there are ways you can relax and exercise, helping the body and mind to combat issues of CFS. Always consult your physician before starting something new but know that these are options you can try to work on eliminating symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Being open to a number of treatment options will ensure that you find the right treatment that works for your CFS needs.

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