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In today’s world of modern medicine, very rarely does the patient come before the diagnosis. In conventional medicine, physicians are taught to identify a disease or chronic illness, and then treat the symptoms allopathically. Though this approach can mitigate a patient’s discomfort, very rarely does it solve the underlying problem. Unfortunately this modality actually stirs up more conflict and disharmony in the body. Not only are biological systems suppressed, there is also the struggle to process the very medication that it is trying to symptomatically alleviate.

At The American Center For Biological Medicine, our approach is revolutionary and yet old as time. In our program, we take into consideration what has been previously told to a patient by other medical professionals, we do not identify our patient’s by their diagnosis nor do we follow one treatment for any given illness. We go through the patient’s history as far back as is possible in order to clinically analyze and identify when and where there may have been disharmony, imbalances, and or weakness in a given biological process.  At this point we are able to educate the patient why the body’s natural defense system has been compromised and as a result manifesting a particular chronic illness or disease.

In almost every case, because the biological processes have been compromised, the body becomes overburdened with toxicity. It is extremely important for us to carefully and timely detoxify the body in order for it to do the job that it was naturally meant to do. There is no battle that can be won, if the defending solidiers  are weak, starving, exhausted, and poisoned. So why does modern medicine think that our bodies can handle this “kill all” approach when the body is weak, malnourished, fatigued, and toxic. At ACBM we continually search and utilize  the most effective , cutting edge, advanced biological modalities and methods that to truly refine, regulate, and restore balance in our patients order for the healing process to begin and carry on in the rest of their lives.