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Our Approach to Treatment

No matter which Package or Program you chose to begin your journey at ACBM, our mission with each and every patient is to OPTIMIZE and BALANCE their health on all levels, thereby increasing their ANTI-AGING quotient and quality of life.

We understand however; that people often come to us in various states of imbalance that warrant specific types of immediate intervention. So to accomplish this total PREVENTION goal we utilize the following Continuum Treatment Model with each of our patients.


To be healthy doesn’t mean not having a disease. It means to be
balanced physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically.

That is why at ACBM our wellness approach is focused on:

  • Why the symptom has arisen
  • What the body is trying to accomplish with the symptom
  • And what specific changes need to be made to bring balance back and thereby optimize the whole body

If you are new to Naturopathic Medicine, it is important to understand that unlike the current traditional medical model which places much emphasis on symptom suppression; Naturopathic Medicine is a distinctively natural approach to health and healing that recognizes the integrity of the whole person and the body’s own amazing capacity to heal given the right input.

The following 6 principles distinguish the healing approach at
ACBM from other traditional medical approaches:

  • The Healing Power of Nature
  • Identify & Treat the Cause
  • First Do No Harm
  • Treat the Whole Person
  • Doctor as Teacher
  • Prevention