Need to Recharge? Get on the Cell Circuit!


Got that tired, cranky, no-motivation feeling fogging up your life? We’ve all been there. Whether your work-life balance has toppled over, or your family is a constant mess you can’t stay ahead of, we can help. The best repertoire with little to no diagnostic prerequisites is the cell circuit. That is, it will bring tangible benefits to anyone who tries it out regardless of existing health status. So what is the Cell Circuit, you might ask?

What is the Cell Circuit?

Here at the Biomed Center, we prioritize healing the body without interrupting all the good healthy processes already going on. But when things get out of whack, it’s normal to need a little boost. The Cell Circuit is just that – a healthy boost that will get all your bodily systems functioning better than ever. You’ll feel your best and wonder why you’ve never tried it before. And then you’ll come back for more.

What You’ll Get:

Cell circuits consist of four components known as Relax, Reoxygenate, Replenish, and Recharge (respectively). When you show up at the BioMed Center, you can look forward to…

  • Flowpresso Therapy: A lymphatic system massage that will get everything moving via compression technology.
  • EWOT (Exercise with Oxygen Therapy): Just as it sounds, you’ll wear a mask that will enhance your exercise with higher levels of oxygen for your vital cells and tissues.
  • Nutrient Injection or Infusion: What’s your chosen vice (or in this case, virtue)? With one of our IV experts, you’ll choose the blend of key vitamins and minerals that’s best for you.
  • PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy): These electromagnetic pulses stimulate cell repair while preventing disease and cellular decline. Plus, it strengthens your immune function, alongside many other benefits.

Why should I try the Cell Circuit?

We all go through a lot of stress daily. And anytime oxidative stress builds up, it causes our cells (or more specifically, the mitochondria in our cells) to take the brunt of the damage. As we age, our cells struggle to repair the broken mitochondria faster than it dies off. And if it doesn’t stay ahead of that degenerative process, disease and other chronic issues occur.

When you try the cell circuit, you are giving your body that much-needed boost that it’s sorely lacking. As human beings, our lives are far too focused on what we can bring to the table. Maybe it’s a heavy workload, or heavy societal expectations – but we’ve always got a lot on our plate. Whatever it may be, giving your body that optimal rest and rejuvenation brings you to a place of balance. Being balanced allows you to be your best for yourself (and the people that depend on you).

For a long, happy, and healthy life, the Cell Circuit is the best show in town.

Plug in to the best quality of life you’ve ever had. You’ll feel great and know that your body is functioning at its optimal level, letting you shine at whatever you do.