Men’s Health: Rejuvenation in Scottsdale

//Men’s Health: Rejuvenation in Scottsdale

ACBM is all about full-body health. We provide our patients with first-class diagnosis, treatment, education, and service. When it comes to men’s health, it’s all about him. Every man’s health concerns are unique and important- even the little ones. Guys buy custom made jerseys for their favorite teams and get their suits tailored to fit their bodies for work… Why shouldn’t their health plan be custom too?

Hear it from real men…

Mario calls himself a Lyme Disease warrior. At ACBM, we gave him the armor to suit up and live with his disease in comfort and peace.

“By this point it was necessary for me to begin to think differently. I had to get off this Lyme train. It had not worked for me after years of treatment, and it had not worked for anyone that I knew beside early detected acute cases. The myriad of infusions I had endured, whether they be antibiotic or homeopathic, I have now realized were not the route I was to go in. My main objective now was not so much about eradicating the bacteria, fungus, mold, viruses, and parasites. This protocol was reserved for the conventional allopathic approach and in my opinion allopathy and chronic illness do not go together. My whole attention was now on strengthening all the biological processes in the body and allow my body to do the very job that nature intended.

We began to go to work immediately using cutting edge advanced medical technology over biochemistry. Let’s face it, biochemistry can be pretty sloppy when using drugs or supplements. You run the risk of side effects or adverse reactions. Plus they can put a huge stress on organs systems rather aiding the organic process of healing. In my case the purpose of this was to avoid any nervous system reaction due to supplementation.  My nervous system was so out of whack, that even taking a tiny dose of vitamin c completely over stimulated my entire system. The technology was there to put my body in a state in which it can wake up it’s natural intention of functionality.

The doctors were constantly watching what was happening and adjusting things. Follow up and follow through was impeccable. This is the amazing thing about this biological medicine team. There was monitoring and room for improvisation. You never hear about this in medicine but it is crucial. We were constantly looking to my body and its reaction to dictate what we were able to do next. My body was finally respected and in charge. No generic protocols. No false claims. No banner that said “We have the cure!” They gave my body that credit. We just did one thing at a time very slowly in order to strengthen and balance each system in my body to eradicate this disease process.

Every modality has a role in a treatment, however a true healer has to put the patient in the position to actually respond to the treatment. It is integral for the practitioner utilizing biological medicine to have a full understanding of the the ability to combine these modalities in order to have the most comprehensive treatment options for the patient. With this said, anyone mastering biological medicine needs not be a specialist in one area of the human body, but  a specialist in all areas of the human body and condition. This not only takes a very scientific mind, but also a naturally gifted intuitive to be the type of doctor that biological medicine demands. I found this in Dr Jeoff Drobot and Dr Dick Thom after 20 years of searching the globe.” (Mario)

Michael is a middle-aged Californian who came to us as a self-proclaimed workaholic. While his professional life was always organized and efficient, he admitted that his health had been rapidly declining due to lack of attention.

“I’m always on the go. I mean, I live in a city that never stops moving; I am either at work or sleeping or sitting in traffic. My sudden decision to seek out ACBM advice came a comment my wife recently made about how my hair was thinning quickly, and my skin lacked a healthy color. My doctor said these things were just the result of stress and to ‘take some time to rest’, but that wasn’t enough for me. The personalization of my treatments here at ACBM in Scottsdale has rejuvenized my features and seriously calmed me down. I never realized how out of sync I was, but not I’ve found my balance.” (Michael, Los Angeles)

“Found my balance”

Michael is one of hundreds with the same story: over worked and under ‘healthed’. Every day we strive to make a wholistic healing oasis in the middle of the desert because we know that the break our clinic provides is only the beginning. Our treatments usually require a stay somewhere in Scottsdale in order to fully get to the root of the problem (but who is complaining about a visit to a luxurious resort in the sun?). Each aspect of life is affected by your internal balance, from your complexion to your relationships. From high cholesterol to arthritis, our biomedical experts and nurses know all of the illnesses that can slow down men’s bodies. Sure, going to your doctor will get you pain killers and surgery-solutions, but what if there is a better way? Our motto has always been “drugs do not cure you, they only alleviate symptoms”. Men’s health is too important to cut corners.

Our Process For Full-Body Men’s Health

When we think about men’s health, our goal is always to find the root of the problem instead of simply treating symptoms or covering it us (which is how we think about any patient’s health). Our seven step process invites the patient to get to know his body and what is afflicting it through identification, truth, and patience. First we Analyze and Identify the disease or pain in order to get to the source of the problem. We often discuss his routines, family and friends, and physical history in order to design a program as personal as possible. Next, we Detoxify, Educate, and Treat. These steps actively restore men’s health both physically and mentally through relaxation and stress-reduction. Finally, after treatment has been making improvements, our team does not stop there; we Refine and Heal. As his body changes and responds to treatments, we constantly re-evaluate what could make it work even better. Nutrition, sleep, and supplements keep our patients happy and healthy long after they leave ACBM.

We appreciate any questions or comments about how we treat men’s health! Come find your balanced self (just like Mike!) at the American Center for Biological Medicine, which, we might add, is the only rejuvenation treatment center of its kind in the United States. Get in touch and find your health! 480.614.5820

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