Is It Lyme Disease? Know the Symptoms

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Lyme disease is an illness caused by infected ticks that leave behind bacteria after becoming attached to your body. If you have been bitten by a tick, you must know the Lyme disease early symptoms. The disease is treatable but is known to create serious health problems if not treated early. Most people who are affected by the condition have no idea they have it until the symptoms become advanced. Learn the symptoms of Lyme Disease so you can receive treatment as quickly as possible.

Hard to Diagnosis

Lyme disease is hard to diagnose for several reasons. To begin, most people have no idea that they have been bitten by a tick so they do not seek treatment until they begin to develop symptoms. The symptoms of the disease are also like other sicknesses such as the flu. Ticks that spread Lyme disease are small and can be hard to spot until they have been latched on for some time and become full of blood.

Blood testing can be done to determine if a patient has Lyme disease but the test does not always show a positive result when the individual is affected. The process for testing should be completed in two phases. The CDC recommends the two-step phase, with the test searching for antibodies that are created when the body is trying to fight the disease. An enzyme immunoassay must be completed first. If the result is undetermined or positive, a second test known as the Western blog will be completed on a blood sample. If positive, the individual has Lyme Disease.

Early Symptoms

Early on Lyme disease will showcase certain symptoms. The affected individual may have headaches, fever, feel fatigued and have muscle aches, all symptoms associated with the flu. Symptoms can begin to show three to thirty days after being infected. If you have these symptoms and are tested for the flu and get a negative result, consider a Lyme disease test. Think back to try and remember if you could have been bitten by a tick as Lyme disease may be what you are dealing with.

Advanced Symptoms

There are also advanced symptoms to be wary of when it comes to Lyme disease. Advanced signs of the disease include joint pain, particularly in the knee area, and a stiff neck. Headaches will be severe and pain may shoot through your body at night, making it hard to sleep. Dizziness or changes in heart rate can also occur.

Overall, if you think that Lyme Disease may be present in the body, have yourself tested. It is better to be tested and know the results so that you can be treated accordingly.

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