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Often, we can feel fatigued, have anxiety, have memory problems, and more and not really get to the bottom of the underlying issues. At the American Center for Biological Medicine (ACBM), we have a number of resident naturopathic physicians that understand how to treat the patient as whole. Many people often complain about their doctors using medications to mask symptoms of underlying issues. At the ACBM, we promote optimal wellness through naturopathic medicine.

One way we help our patients and physicians alike be “in-the-know” is to utilize the ACBM’s range of lab testing. Particularly, using lab testing to perform Hormone Analysis. We consulted with resident expert Dr. Michael Major about Hormone Analysis and taking advantage of the affordable lab testing offered at the ACBM to serve as an in-depth jumping point to treating the patient as a whole.

Why should patients take advantage of the lab testing at the ACBM?

Dr. Major says, “Here at the ACBM, we use laboratories that have a proven track record of accuracy and timely dependability. We also offer options for your health insurance to cover your lab work. Blood analysis provides objective information that will allow your physician to completely evaluate the state in which you first present to the clinic. Blood analysis is also used to continually monitor your health progression.”

What is Hormone Analysis and to whom would you recommend this?

Dr. Major says that hormones are the messengers that affect action within the body. For a balanced endogenous production of our hormones, the body requires proteins, nutrient co-factors, and a thriving epigenetic state.

The stress and nutrient deficiencies that affect every human being on a day-to-day basis results in an imbalance in our hormones that we notice with symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, chronic pain, difficulty concentrating, insomnia, frustration, anger, sadness, decreased libido, memory problems, and so on.

Hormone Analysis is a comparison of your subjective symptoms with the objective signs and data that your physician will collect. Every one of us has daily fluctuations in hormone levels that result in both good and bad sensations. When these hormone levels become chronically imbalanced and we notice deficiencies in daily productivity, quality of sleep, and overall joy in life, getting a Hormone Analysis will provide a clear picture of what is going on inside your body and how to get you back on track.

How quick and easy is lab testing?

Blood draws for lab testing are brief and painless, lasting just a couple of minutes. Results for the lab work are returned to the clinic within seven days and are available to be used by your physician for a thorough evaluation shortly thereafter.

Let us be part of your life-changing experience!

About Dr. Michael Major, NMD

Dr. Michael Major is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD). Following a decade-long career as a pilot in the United States Marine Corps, Dr. Major was diagnosed with epilepsy by neurologists at the renowned Johns Hopkins Medical Hospital. His diagnosis came after having seizure number two of what would end up being more than twenty seizures over the next nine months. After Dr. Major became unsatisfied with pharmaceutical intervention that turned his brain off, he researched and found a physiological cause of seizures, applied what he learned, and stopped his seizures from happening overnight. His personal experience drove him to naturopathic medical school and into a profession he was always meant to be a part of. As a NMD, Dr. Major has empathetically chosen to gear his practice toward health optimization through regenerative medicine while focusing on endocrine protocols and regenerative injection therapies. His primary areas of focus include: hormone and endocrine health, regenerative injection therapy, sports medicine and orthopedics, and therapeutic drainage. Dr. Major has a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Mathematics from Baker University Kansas, a Master of Science (MS) degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology Ohio, and graduated as a NMD from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine Arizona.

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