How to Live With IBS

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A common disorder that affects many people today is irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. This condition will create issues with the large intestine. Individuals who have IBS will find their daily life can be affected due to eating various foods or just in general. Symptoms of IBS can include abdominal pain, cramping. Gas, constipation, diarrhea or bloating, among other issues. IBS is a chronic condition and has to be managed long-term.

Daily Life

When living with IBS, you have to learn how to manage your systems. Every individual is different, so while one person might experience diarrhea most often, another will become constipated. Being diagnosed and learning more about IBS can help with the management of symptoms. Standard symptoms can be managed with diet and lifestyle changes as well as learning how to deal with stress. When severe symptoms are present, you may need medication or additional treatment options.

Being tested and diagnosed with IBS will help you to learn if you suffer from the condition. Then you can keep track of what sets off your symptoms. Perhaps if you eat certain foods like cheese you have stomach cramps. Any foods that trigger IBS symptoms will need to be avoided. A good way to track your diet needs is to make a list of foods that trigger a symptom, such as cramps or constipation. This way, you know what to avoid and can stay away from trigger foods.

How Your Life Can Be Affected

If you have signs of IBS, such as cramping, constipation, diarrhea, excess gas or abdominal, then you already know how your life can be affected. You may have trouble dealing with work needs when symptoms are severe or attending social events. It can be difficult to travel long periods of time as you never know when your symptoms will hit.

Your life can be greatly affected as you may miss work due to extreme IBS symptoms or miss out on social events with friends or spending time with family. Whatever the case may be, it is important to have yourself tested for IBS and then approach the condition with a variety of treatments to see what works best for you.

For the most part, diet and lifestyle changes are the best option to start tackling IBS issues. Removing trigger foods or high-gas foods like cabbage and broccoli can be beneficial. Many individuals who suffer from IBS look to IV therapy for assistance. With IV therapy, nutrients and minerals are added to the body in an intravenous manner to provide what is needed for overall well-being. This treatment type has been known to assist in lowering inflammation of the digestive tract which helps to eliminate IBS symptoms.

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