Hormone Analysis

Hormone analysis allows us to see the powerful chemical messengers in our body that alter the way that distant cells and tissues work. They are essential for bodily functions, metabolic activity and brain function. Small amounts of hormone are secreted by glands into the bloodstream to deliver profound effects on metabolism in other areas of the body. It is vital to evaluate adrenal, gonadal (testes/ovaries), thyroid, and the pituitary glands together to effectively get a complete picture and to identify the root cause of hormonal dysfunction.

One of the newest modalities in modern medicine is the field called Age Management Medicine. From this perspective, we look at all of the hormone levels in a patient and make interventions to normalize the hormones that are deficient or elevated. While this can provide profound changes in the symptoms that are experienced by patients, we also strive to find and eliminate the underlying causes of these aberrant hormone levels so that patients take as few medications as possible long term.

The American Center for Biological Medicine evaluates hormones through saliva, blood and urine testing where appropriate.

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