Holistic Pelvic Care™

//Holistic Pelvic Care™

Holistic Pelvic Care™ (pelvic floor therapy) is a physical medicine modality that helps with physical, emotional, and energetic imbalances in the pelvic bowl. Just as our shoulders and back hold tension, our pelvic floor muscles hold onto tension and stress. Physical tension and energetic blocks can prevent the full expression of who we are. This therapy assists women in connecting to their creative centers, where there is so much wisdom.

With all of the advances in medicine, women’s health still only consists of an annual pap. Since women are not advised to give their pelvic bowl regular attention, internal awareness is often lacking. Tapping into feminine wisdom, receptivity, and intimately connecting with core vitality that is located in the vagina, ovaries, and uterus allows us to reclaim our space in our bodies and in our world. In ancient cultures women’s menstrual cycles were a sacred time for women to go inwards and receive wisdom and guidance for themselves and their tribes. When women reconnect to their physical root, they are able to recognize the vast potential within and receive true healing.

This powerful therapy is very beneficial for infertility, pelvic pain, PMS, menstrual irregularities, fibroids, ovarian cysts, low libido, urinary incontinence, sexual trauma, etc. Holistic Pelvic Care™is especially important in post partum care to restore physical and emotional balance to the pelvic bowl. A holistic pelvic care session lasts 30-45 minutes after a thorough intake. A trained physician works internally to identify trigger points in the musculature and relieve fascial restrictions. Often women report insights into their symptoms and life events during the treatment sessions.

Individual results may vary. Past performance no guarantee of future results.

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