Holistic Pelvic Care for Infertility: A Viable Option?

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Women who struggle with infertility have most likely tried several methods to become pregnant. Every individual is different so what might work for one female, might not work for the next. One treatment option that many try after meeting with their healthcare physician is holistic pelvic care. This treatment is a holistic approach to opening up the pelvic area, releasing tension and stress. Also known as pelvic floor therapy, this treatment type is a physical medicine that aids in physical, energetic imbalances, and emotional areas that involve the pelvis.

Women tend to hold tension in the pelvic floor muscles as well as stress, just as you see in the back and shoulders. The tension and energy blocks need to be removed so that the individual can fully express who they are. With this treatment, women can connect with their creative center, gaining insight and wisdom along the way.

Women are not giving regular attention to the pelvic bowl so internal awareness is usually lacking. With Holistic pelvic care, the patient can tap into their female wisdom and become receptive, connecting with the core vitality of the vagina, ovaries, and uterus which helps the individual to regain control of the body.

What to Expect from Treatment

With an appointment for holistic pelvic care, the treatment process will take about 45 minutes the first-time due to the explanation of the process. You will discuss your goals with the technician, such as infertility, to see how treatment should be completed. Basic external work begins the process and once the patient is comfortable, the internal work begins. With the internal portion, the provider will use a lubricated gloved digit in the canal of the vagina. The musculature and connective tissue will be assessed and then techniques of massage and exercise used during the session. The goal is to alleviate trigger points of the vaginal muscles and fascia of the pelvic bowl. This will increase the blood flow to the pelvic organs which assists in relieving symptoms you may be having.

To prepare for treatment, it is recommended that you clear your schedule for the remainder of the day or at least a few hours after treatment is completed. You want to rest and relax to see the treatment work properly.

With quality pelvic care treatment, infertility problems can be reversed, on a case by case basis. By working with a trained professional in this area of pelvic therapy, you can discuss your infertility issues and hopefully see a successful pregnancy in your future.

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