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Colon Hydrotherapy

It is more than just an enema. Colon Hydrotherapy is a procedure that addresses the toxic load on the body and encourages the eliminatory organs to function optimally. Reducing the toxic load on the body minimizes symptoms of disease and aids in restoring the body to a healing state.

The American Center for Biological Medicine offers this beneficial therapy because we recognize the extent of how gut health affects the body as a whole. We have taken every precaution and consideration in making our facility the most effective, sanitary and comfortable environment to address your colon health needs.

All of our services, including colon hydrotherapy, are provided in a professional medical environment.  Healthcare practitioners are certified in colon hydrotherapy and have experience working directly with physicians on a full spectrum of health related cases.

ACBM uses FDA registered medical equipment to perform colon hydrotherapy services. The unit is a closed system which offers an odorless experience and all the waste is contained within the unit during the session. The therapist will control the temperature and the pressure of the water while offering light abdominal massage to maximize your comfort level and results. All colon hydrotherapy tubing and speculums are disposable and single use only and are opened in front of the client.  Our colon hydrotherapy suite includes a private restroom to ensure your modesty and comfort

The colon hydrotherapy practitioners at ACBM have advanced training and experience administering implants and additives to maximize your results. Our most popular implants are coffee, probiotics, and ozone. Ozone implants, also known as rectal insufflation, is ozone gas applied via the rectal route. This process is hygienic, simple and the patient feels little to nothing during the process.

Our team at The American Center of Biological Medicine offers multiple therapies that when combined have added benefits and maximize healing potential for the patient. Some of the therapies that offer accelerated results when combined with colon hydrotherapy are, lymphatic massage, lymph star, exercise with oxygen therapy (e.w.o.t.), and iv therapy.

At ACBM we are committed to meeting you where you are at in your process, finding solutions, and helping you reach your goals. We have experience working with people overcoming long term and chronic illness as well as professional athletes looking to optimize their performance and overall health and wellness.

After your colon hydrotherapy session is completed, there are additives which can be introduced into the colon. These additives are beneficial and are dependent upon your goals. The quality of the additives is of extreme importance. That is why at The American Center for Biological Medicine we research and use only those products that are in alignment with our superior standards. Our complete medical facility allows for capabilities and additives that cannot be obtained elsewhere.


Colon Hydrotherapy Benefits

This list includes a few of the many benefits you may experience from colon hydrotherapy. If you have questions about a specific benefit or symptom, please call (480) 614-5820 to speak with one of our colon specialists.

  • Improve bowel regularity

  • Hydration: Increases absorption of water and nutrients

  • Improves digestion: minimizing bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn

  • Aids in alkalizing the body

  • Increased energy and improved mood: mental clarity, reduced headaches, decreased anxiety, enhanced sleep. More than 90% of your serotonin is created in your gut

  • Supports and assists other eliminatory organs in functioning (liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, skin)

  • Improves skin complexion and conditions (eczema, psoriasis, acne)

  • Aids in eliminating liver congestion

  • Boosts immune system:  more than 60% of your immune system is in your gut

  • Improves symptoms of leaky gut: removes fermented and putrefied matter, helps balance candida and healthy bacteria in gut

  • Aids the body in detoxification from toxins including environmental toxins, pharmaceuticals, and recreational drugs, and addiction recovery

  • Aids in improving hormonal imbalance and the symptoms associated with imbalances

  • Lowers risk of developing bowel cancer, a leading type of cancer in most industrialized countries

  • Assists in the healing of diseases and disorders of the digestive system (ulcerative colitis, diverticulosis, colonic polyps, inflammatory bowel disease, internal hemorrhoids)

  • Lowers risk of discomfort from IBS, the chronic constipation and chronic diarrhea cycle

  • Increases results desired from cleanses, juicing, lifestyle modification, and weight loss programs

Dawn Nasta, Colon Hydrotherapist

Dawn Nasta is a professional certified Colon Hydrotherapist who is honored to be a part of The American Center for Biological Medicine. She has been practicing colon hydrotherapy for over 12 years. Her experience is diverse and includes working with patients overcoming heart conditions, auto immune illnesses, extreme toxin exposure, substance abuse, hormonal imbalances, inflammation, skin disorders, weight loss, fitness enthusiasts, as well as professional athletes. She has been a clinical supervisor for a colon hydrotherapy certification program helping other therapists begin their career. She has also consulted with several physicians and medical clinics, trained their therapists, and helped them integrate colon hydrotherapy into their practices successfully.


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