Get the Full Picture with Integrative Biological Medicine


Regenerative Biological Medicine & Dentistry Practiced Together

Did you know that medical and dental work are two parts of the same whole-istic you? It’s true! While you could focus on one at a time, you’ll get the most benefits out of your time at The Biomed Center by blending these two practices of integrative Biological Medicine together. 

In the same way the gut is said to be the brain of the body linked to all organs, the state of your dental health dictates quite a bit about the rest of your body. You know the feeling you get when you’re stressed and your stomach is in knots? That feeling isn’t imaginary, and anyone who experiences GI issues would likely agree. Just like stress is a full-body experience, your overall health is best maintained in this two-part approach.

Here at the BioMed Center, our dentists and doctors work together to figure out the best methods to help your body thrive. Silent infections and other maladies could be looming just below the surface that our dental experts can detect, diagnose and treat before the issue becomes chronic and spreads to other body systems. 

This is why we embrace a “better together” approach at Biomed.

Address both dental and medical for longterm wellness.

When you look at your dental and medical care as two parts of the same whole, you unlock classified information about your health that you otherwise might not have access to. For those suffering from longterm health complications, integrative Biological Medicine is a game-changer. 

Oftentimes, catching symptoms early on can be the difference between a straightforward, minimally-invasive treatment plan compared to something more nuanced and complex. While here at the Biomed Center, we are well-equipped to get you the care your body needs, it’s always best to stick to good prevention habits to stay healthy longterm.

Don’t neglect your dental care, add it into the bigger picture of you — it’s the roadmap to the rest of your body, and our practitioners will show you the way.