Fighting Immune Disorders with IV Therapy

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IV therapy, also known as intravenous therapy, has been used for centuries as a way to tend to the sick and afflicted. Today, IV therapy involves the administration of fluids directly into the vein to treat a variety of conditions, including immune disorders. Over the centuries, IV therapy has evolved and today is used in a number of ways to treat disease and medical conditions. With IV therapy, nutrients are delivered to the body straight into the vein, avoiding the digestive system as with standard medications. This way, the full effect of the nutrients can be absorbed by the body for maximum effect.

With an immune disorder, the individual affected will see their immune system act differently than it should. An unknown trigger will signal the immune system to produce antibodies that will attack the tissues of the body, depending on the immune disorder that is present. The antibodies are normally supposed to fight an infection or disease. With an immune deficiency, the body is attacked. To fight the side effects of the immune disorder, IV therapy is used. Immune disorders do not have a cure, so the main goal is to fight the symptoms the condition causes.

Examples of Immune Disorders

There are many medical conditions that fall within the category of immune disease. One example is rheumatoid arthritis. In an individual with this condition, the immune system creates antibodies that stick to the joints of the body. The cells attack the joints and create pain, swelling, and inflammation. Without treatment, permanent damage to the joints can be caused. IV therapy is one way in which this condition can be treated to avoid permanent damage to the body.

Another example of immune disease is lupus. Individuals who have lupus will see their immune system create antibodies that will attach to several points of the body, including the nerves, blood cells, and joints. Treatment must be provided to reduce the function of the immune system to stop the attack on various points in the body.

Example of IV Therapy

When it comes to IV therapy, there are many options for treatment. The concoction used will be determined based on the condition the individual faces. When it comes to autoimmune disorders, individuals can benefit from oxidative IV therapy. This therapy type uses hydrogen peroxide, ozone, and ultraviolet blood irradiation to heal as well as detoxify the body. Lack of oxygen can play a role in affecting the body negatively when it comes to immune issues. Using oxidative therapy can be beneficial by adding what the body needs for a positive effect.

With IV therapy, the nutrients placed in the body help to control how the cells function at the cellular level. As the cells begin to work properly, the organs will function well and an overall increase in well-being is seen. Many people find that with IV therapy, they see a decrease in symptoms from immune issues and are able to complete daily activities with ease.

Every patient varies so it is important to do your research on your immune condition and how it could be affected by IV therapy. By learning more, you will feel more comfortable with IV therapy as an option. The main benefit of this therapy type is that nutrients are absorbed directly into the body. By avoiding the GI tract, the necessary nutrients are delivered in a more effective way, helping you to see a decrease in side effects from the immune condition.

Speak to an IV therapy specialist to learn more about the therapeutic response from this therapy type and learn how you might benefit from regular IV treatment.

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