Fighting Depression with Alternative Treatment Methods

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Millions of people suffer from depression in some form or fashion. Individuals affected by depression can feel down and out, lose interest in everyday activities, feel sad and a host of other symptoms. Once such symptoms begin to persist and affect life substantially, it is time to seek treatment. Common treatment options include taking medication such as anti-depressants and working with a counselor or psychologist to find ways to cope with depression symptoms and feelings.

Many people who suffer from depression do not want to rely on medication in order to feel better. Therapy through counseling may not be working or be too much of an expense. There are alternative methods that can work to treat depression depending on the level of the condition as well as how the patient responds to treatment. Below are three examples of alternative treatment options to assist with the treatment of depression. Each can work well to enhance daily life, helping the individual to function at work or socially while suffering from depression.

Matrix Regeneration Therapy

Depression is just one of many conditions that matrix regeneration therapy can assist. This therapy type is a combination of bioresonance therapy, cupping and Subtraction Loch Therapy. Basically, the pressure from the cupping will help to loosen any toxins or deposits in the tissue of the body. These toxins or deposits are then redirected to the lymphatic system and are removed. Energy, as well as physical waste, is addressed in this treatment type. It is the belief that toxins in the body result in the feelings associated with depression. Once removed, the patient will feel better as there is less inflammation of the body, decreased pain, etc.

Clear Mind Neurofeedback

A second alternative treatment option for depression is clear mind neurofeedback. The treatment is non-invasive and involves the monitoring of brain waves via a computer. The information gathered is used to determine how normal brainwave patterns need to be created. Brainwave activity is then adjusted so that the brainwaves stay within healthy ranges. It is believed that brainwave patterns have an effect on depression. By changing these patterns, the symptoms of depression can be treated.


A third option is known as AMS. This treatment type uses electromagnetic therapy along with bioresonance to help stimulate the repair of cells within the body. A device is used to apply a magnetic field to the body. Weak electrical currents are then used to affect the tissues within the body. Oxygen, delivery of nutrients and blood flow are all affected by cellular function. It is believed that this treatment type will improve the function of cells in order to help combat symptoms of depression.

These are just a few alternative options you can try in order to work on depression. Always consult a physician before trying a new method of treatment.

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