Are Your Feelings Normal Anxiousness or Signs of Anxiety?

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Nervous or anxious feelings are common from time to time. One can feel nervous when interviewing for a new job or anxious when dealing with financial issues. However, these are just instances of short-term anxiety or nervousness. Do you feel anxious or nervous on a regular basis? If so, you may be suffering from anxiety. It is vital to learn the differences between an anxiety disorder and the normal everyday feelings of being nervous or anxious about an event or problem. This way, you can be diagnosed if needed and begin treatment.

Anxiety Comes in Different Forms

Making the determination between normal anxiety and a disorder can be difficult to do. Anxiety comes in many forms. A phobia, panic attack or social anxiety are just the tip of the iceberg so to speak when it comes to dealing with anxiety issues. Learning the symptoms of anxiety disorders is a start to determining if you are dealing with regular worry or something deeper.

Excessive worrying is one major sign of an anxiety disorder. Do you find yourself worrying at all times, no matter if the issue is large or small? You may feel anxious thoughts most days during the week and this can last for months. If your worry interferes with daily life and is in addition to other issues like fatigue, then you may have an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety can also be associated with sleep issues. Those who are suffering from anxiety disorders can have trouble falling asleep as well as stay asleep for longer periods of time. Its natural to have trouble sleeping when you have an upcoming job interview, or you have an important meeting at work or other instances that can come up. However, if you have sleep issues on a regular basis, it may be a sign of anxiety.

Anxiety is also associated with irrational fears. You may become anxious due to a specific thing such as animals, crowds, flying or other issues. When you find yourself overcome with fear and cannot complete daily tasks, the anxiety needs to be diagnosed and treated.

Treatment Options

Once diagnosed, there are several treatment options that can work to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety. Because every person who suffers from anxiety is different, the treatment that will work will of course vary. One treatment type that is often used is cognitive behavioral therapy. By learning various ways of thinking and behaving, then reacting, individuals can treat their anxiety disorder.

Another option is microcurrent therapy. This therapy type includes pulsating currents of electricity in small doses to the body. Patients do not feel anything during the 30-minute treatment session as the sub-sensory treatment type uses low levels of energy.

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