EVOX Treatment: Balancing Mental Habits

//EVOX Treatment: Balancing Mental Habits

Emotional healing and balancing mental habits is just as important as physical healing. Whether we would like to admit it or not, we all carry around emotional baggage, often stored in our subconscious. Our subconscious controls up to 90% of our daily behaviors. If 90% of our emotional energy is being spent fighting, or in some cases, nurturing, those negative thought patterns, then we are zapped of the ability to handle relational conflicts, personal failures, and difficult life challenges. Here at ACBM, we offer an amazing tool call the EVOX treatment that will illuminate destructive thought patterns that keep you from succeeding, and re-train your brain to correctly process this information, ultimately paving the way for new successes.

How does EVOX help with balancing mental habits?

Utilizing a highly sophisticated, computerized, voice analysis technology, the EVOX system records a short clip of your voice and then plots it onto a graph indicating where the mind and body are stressed. Once the graph is completed, EVOX generates a sequence of unique and specific harmonics that are played back to the brain as a part of a multi-sensory experience with incredible results. The removal of subconscious stress, a reforming of self-worth, balancing mental habits, and a return to relaxation are just some of the benefits of the EVOX treatment.

Do I need EVOX?

Are you stuck in your career? Find yourself in the same arguments over and over again? Having trouble losing the weight even though you’ve tried all of the options? These can all be tied to issues trapped within the subconscious. Imagine a room, two doors on either side, cluttered with books, papers, cobwebs, and dust. You try to wade through the mess to get to the other side, but you’re caught in the disorder; trapped by debris, much of which you can’t identify. Your goals and dreams are outside that second door, but you’re having trouble reaching it.

This room is a lot like our subconscious. We can’t always see what’s slowing us down or impeding our path, but it’s clear that something is in the way. Like a expert cleaning team, the EVOX treatment helps straighten out the emotional barriers that impede our path to success and/or healing.  EVOX clears away the debris allowing you freedom from the emotional baggage you didn’t know was weighing you down.

What can EVOX help with?

EVOX is beneficial for anyone, as we all go through emotionally challenging experiences throughout our life. Our medical diagnostics in combination with EVOX can assist with:

  • Relationship conflicts

  • Athletic performance

  • Career Advancement

  • Self-Esteem

  • Weight Loss

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Fears: public speaking, flying, heights, etc.

EVOX Treatment in Scottsdale, AZ

We want to help you find freedom in your daily pursuits by balancing mental habits and clearing a path to success. Call us to schedule an appointment or click here to learn about more our other biomedical treatments. 888.982.2260

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