Digital Pulsewave Analysis (DPA)

//Digital Pulsewave Analysis (DPA)

With cardiovascular disease as the leading killer in America, the digital pulsewave analysis is an invaluable tool to assess arteriosclerosis and is also useful in evaluating oxygen profusion to tissues.

The Digital Pulsewave Analysis (DPA) is an FDA approved device that is sensitive enough to pick up the earliest signs of cardiovascular disease and reduced blood circulation. It gives an accurate measure of the elasticity of a person’s arteries and determines the biological age of arteries.

Reduction in blood perfusion to the capillaries means there is reduced delivery of oxygen to the tissues of the body. When the tissues and cells lack oxygen, the body must shift into anaerobic metabolism (making energy without oxygen). This is a much less efficient process and results in increased production of lactic acid and a shift toward an overall acidic tissue pH. Most organ systems do not function optimally with this shift in metabolism.

Therefore the application for DPA’s testing goes beyond cardiovascular health and can be used gain more insight into tissue health, with implications in prevention of chronic disease, enhanced performance and greatly supports anti-aging programs.

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