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Detox. Colon Cleansing. Colonics. Colon Hydrotherapy. You’ve heard about it all before and maybe even had a friend recommend colonics to you and were curious to try, but had too many questions and thought the treatment might be strenuous or strange.

At The American Center for Biological Medicine–located in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona–we’re here to help. We want to directly address any questions and curiosities you may have about our treatment options. Particularly, we want to put to rest any myths floating around about colon hydrotherapy, so all you health nuts and life balance seekers alike can get the most out of our healthy living treatment options.

We consulted with Certified Colon Hydrotherapist and Colonics Expert Dawn Nasta about the detox process and what colon hydrotherapy entails. Below are some common questions and myths put to rest.

How can colon hydrotherapy detox my body?

Colon hydrotherapy aids the body in eliminating stored fecal matter in the colon which lessens the potential for what’s called “autointoxication” or the recycling of toxins throughout the body. The contraction and effective elimination of fecal matter by the large intestine also prompts the liver to release stored toxins within it. In essence, colon hydrotherapy stimulates the body to pull toxins that are stored within the body for removal.

Who would you recommend colon hydrotherapy to?

“Due to the quality of food, the toxins we are exposed to, and stress–everyone can benefit from colon hydrotherapy.” Nasta says, “The natural microbiota that keeps us healthy and happy are often disrupted from exposure to chemicals, prescriptions, and genetically modified food. It is not reasonable to think we can shelter ourselves completely from these factors. However, we can find ways to offer balance to our bodies.” Colon hydrotherapy has proven successful in reducing the toxic load on the body.

Is getting a colonic embarrassing?

At The American Center for Biological Medicine–we utilize a “closed” system for colon hydrotherapy. All products of elimination, gas and bowel movement, are contained within the system–eliminating any concern for uncomfortable sounds or smells during the process.

How should I prepare for my colon hydrotherapy treatment?

Hydration is an important factor to have the most successful treatment. Nasta recommends drinking about half your body weight in ounces of water daily. Electrolytes often help with the absorption of fluids as well, especially leading up to your colonic session. Make sure to include a healthy amount of fiber in your diet. Eliminate gas-forming foods 24-36 hours before the colonic, such as beans, legumes, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and kale as any discomfort during the session is often due to gas.

How many sessions are recommended?

Information is made available during the first session so your certified colon hydrotherapist can make a proper assessment and a more conclusive treatment plan. It is strongly recommended that no less than three sessions be completed within a week if the patient:

  • Has never had a colonic before
  • Is addressing a chronic illness

  • Is experiencing moderate constipation

  • Is undergoing a cleanse

  • Has a history of antibiotic, pain medication, or laxative use

What advanced detoxification options do you offer?

“In our medical clinic we are equipped to offer advanced detoxification protocols including rectal ozone insufflations and coffee implants,” says Nasta. While these procedures might sound complex–they are designed to aid in greater detoxification.

  • Rectal ozone insufflations aid in the elimination of fungal overgrowth and the decrease of inflammation–allowing all organs and systems to work more effectively.

  • Coffee implants are utilized to stimulate the liver to remove excess toxins. The coffee administered is ordered specifically for medical use.

Probiotic implants are also administered post-treatment, which offer added benefits in helping the body grow and maintain its natural, healthy bacteria in the gut.Nasta continues, “Another advantage of our inclusive clinic is the availability of therapies that, when combined with colon hydrotherapy, have a greater result. Some of the therapies that enhance the benefit of detox are lymph massage, lymph star, exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT), and IV therapy.”

Interested in detoxing your body? Schedule your consultation at The American Center for Biological Medicine by calling (888) 982-2260, email us at, or visit our contact page by clicking here.

Let us be part of your life-changing experience!

About Dawn Nasta

Dawn Nasta is a professional certified colon hydrotherapist who is honored to be a part of The American Center for Biological Medicine. She has been practicing colon hydrotherapy for over 12 years. Her experience is diverse and includes working with patients overcoming heart conditions, auto immune illnesses, extreme toxin exposure, substance abuse, hormonal imbalances, inflammation, skin disorders, weight loss, fitness enthusiasts, as well as professional athletes. She has been a clinical supervisor for a colon hydrotherapy certification program helping other therapists begin their career. She has also consulted with several physicians and medical clinics, trained their therapists, and helped them integrate colon hydrotherapy into their practices successfully.

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