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Complete Cleanse
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What Nature Intended With A Little Help From Modern Integrative Medicine

Tired of feeling constant fatigue, brain fog and bloating? Experiencing immune weakness, sluggish digestion or have trouble losing weight and keeping it off?

Finally a cleanse that detoxifies while revitalizing the body with essential nutrients and probiotics to optimize your vitality.

When the body is constantly met with environmental pollutants from our food supply, air, water and medications, it can be a challenge to maintain total health. The Complete Cleanse is your opportunity for healthy, guided elimination of environmental toxins by supporting your vital detox and rejuvenation pathways.

Doctor Led Consultation

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The Complete Cleanse

Many cleanses promise weight loss, elimination of fatigue and increased focus, yet only focus on the lower digestive system. These cleanses can leave the body high and dry—literally—often dehydrated or throwing off vital electrolyte and probiotic balance. The Complete Cleanse is a straight-forward detoxification system that will not only activate the body’s natural cleansing processes, but will also rejuvenate vital cellular health.

How Is Our Signature Complete Cleanse Different From All The Rest?

The Complete Cleanse has been designed to help you break the cycle of re-intoxication. Re-intoxication is when the body has not yet completed the cleansing cycle leaving behind toxins and microbes that still must be neutralized and eliminated from the body. The Complete Cleanse was designed to prevent re-intoxication to create a new, vital biological landscape within you!

The Complete Cleanse Is What Nature Intended With A Little Help From Modern Integrative Medicine.

The Complete Cleanse begins with a brief consultation with our medical doctor. From here our team of caring experts will help you get started with your personalized supplement plan, unique lymphatic biotherapy treatments, colon hydrotherapy, a revitalizing Meyer’s Cocktail nutrient IV and your organic vegan meal delivery service.

Ready To Undo The Damage Within By Stopping These Fluctuations Once And For All?

Complete Cleanse Results

Get Started With The Complete Cleanse Now.

Supplement Pack

Your supplement pack will assist the body in the complete detoxification process while also revitalizing vital nutrients, including beneficial probiotics

Complete Cleanse Physical Therapy

Lymphatic Biotherapy

Lymphatic drainage is an essential step in the Complete Cleanse process to both detoxify and rejuvenate vitality. This physiotherapeutic advances the detoxification process helping you feel and look your best. Our lymphatic biotherapy will help eliminate toxins that contribute to sluggishness, fatigue and cellulite and has been shown to successfully improve whole-body circulation.

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Fran’s Kitchen Organic Vegan Meal Delivery

  • Heal your gut and reveal a lighter, brighter, healthier you with organic, vegan meals designed to reboot your metabolism.
  • Rich in essential plant micro-nutrients, each meal contains a unique nutrient profile to nourish your body while supporting detoxification and healing.

Fran’s Kitchen detox program eliminates animal products, dairy, gluten, all sugars, pesticides, harmful chemicals, GMO’s, soy, nightshades (white potatoes, eggplant, bell peppers, chili peppers), alcohol, and caffeine.

Complete Cleanse - Gut Health


The colon may be our most neglected organ, falling prey to environmental toxins. Colon hydrotherapy gently rinses the colon with warm water removing encrusted fecal matter, gas and mucus. This cleansing process now allows vital nutrients to be absorbed leaving you rejuvenated while helping re-tone & reshape the colon.

At your visit, your colon hydrotherapist will help you comfortably relax. Hydrotherapy is the safe, gentle infusion of water into the colon via the rectum.

IV Cocktail Therapy

Meyer’s Cocktail Nutrient IV

The signature Meyer’s Cocktail nutrient IV is enjoyed to fulfill the rejuvenation stage of your cleanse experience revitalizing you with key vitamins and minerals to catalyze energy production.

Many cleanse programs tell clients to expect a fatigue-like feeling—our Complete Cleanse strives to eliminate and minimize this experience by saturating your body with these oxygen-rich, vital nutrients via comfortable IV administration.

Service Options:

10 or 21 Day Cleanse Options

10 day: $2700

21 day: $5500

Upgrade from the 10 to 21 day at any time through your Complete Cleanse journey. An ACBM team member can help you now.

Supplement packs are conveniently prepared for your home use

Our caring team of experts will help you schedule your lymphatic biotherapy treatments and colon hydrotherapy sessions

Fran’s Kitchen will deliver your organic vegan meals to your doorstep

Fran - Woman in Optimal Health

About Fran's Kitchen

Fran’s Kitchen is an organic meal delivery service based in Tempe, AZ. The company was founded in 2015 after its owner Fran had been diagnosed with stage IV cancer in 2012 and was only given a year to live.

Fran ate her way out of cancer and wanted to help others reclaim their health through proper nutrition. This company is committed to their client’s health goals and makes it a priority to only source the highest quality ingredients to deliver a premium product.

Fran's Kitchen Food Delivery Per Fran:

Orders placed before noon on Monday can be fulfilled for a Friday delivery
Orders placed before 12 Thursday can be fulfilled for Tuesday’s delivery

We Deliver Twice Per Week.

We deliver almost anywhere in the valley. If we cannot fulfill the delivery we’ll let you know days in advanced for convenient pick up.

Our kitchen address is:

2655 West Guadalupe Road
Mesa, Arizona